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Mother’s Day Gardening Tips

By Lindsay Pinchuk

The weather is warming up which means there is no better time to get your yard in shape than now.  With many of us still stuck at home, and Mother’s Day around the corner, there is also no better time to make a family activity out of this wonderful springtime activity.  We turned to our friends at Tilly,  an online landscape design company, to give us some awesome and unique tips to spruce up the garden as a family. Do you wan to know the best part about Tilly?  They create custom landscape plans for your yard – all without ever stepping foot on your property!  (Make sure to check them out.) 

Image Credit: HGTV How to Upcycle Old Stuff / Decorating & Design Blog

TIP 1: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! A Sandbox Garden

That old plastic sandbox or water table in the shed? Take it and make it into a kid-friendly size (and fun shaped!) garden. Let the kiddos choose what flowers to plant. Line it with plastic (poke some holes in it for drainage), put a layer of gravel down, some potting soil and whatever flowers or herbs your kids desire!


Image: Royalty Free Stock Photograph

TIP 2: Bird Feeders

String some cheerios or smother a stale bagel with cream cheese and bird seed and  hang it on a tree outside your kitchen so the kids can see who visits!

Image Credit: WestHawaiiToday.com article by Melissa Kossler Dutton / The Associated Press

TIP 4:  Painting Rocks 

We’ve seen “inspiration rocks” popping up on our social media feed and we love the sentiment. Collect flat rocks from your yard. Wash and dry them (this can be an activity of its own, depending on your children’s age!). Then get out the paint and decorate them as you wish. The older kids can write inspiring messages, the younger can test out their “modern art” skills. Place them in your garden or around the neighborhood to brighten someone’s day.

Image Credit: Mothering.com article Gardening With Kids: How to Start Seeds in Recycled Egg Cartons

TIP 5: Grow Your Food

Growing food will have a little bit of a learning curve, but start small and learn as you go! Growing food for you and your family is extremely sustainable. You can start this mother’s day with seedlings inside. Take an old egg carton, poke holes for drainage and plant the seeds in some potting soil. Once they have sprouted you can move them outdoors.  


Image Credits: Tilly


TIP 6: Design Your Containers 

Have your kiddos help you design containers for your entry or patio. The classic saying is – spiller, thriller, filler, meaning something that creeps over the side (a vinca vine or trailing coleus), something tall and flashy (a spike or a grass), and a bushy medium height plant (often a flower like a geranium or a dragon wing begonia). But, there are no real rules when it comes to this, just have fun!

For more, make sure to check out our friends at Tilly!

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