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BCB Mom IRL: Teddi Mellencamp

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Photo provided by Teddi Mellencamp

While her last name is synonymous with American rock music, Teddi Mellencamp has made quite the name for herself.  Not only does she grace the small screen on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” each week, she also has built a health and wellness empire.  Her accountability coaching business @goallinbyteddi, has helped over 15,000 people.  As both the new season of RHOBH and the pandemic hit, Mellencamp also welcomed her third baby, Dove. Now eight weeks postpartum, BCB recently caught up with Teddi to talk all about her new addition, who and what she can’t live without, and of course…what’s going down on this season of RHOBH!

NAME: Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave

WHERE DO YOU LIVE: Hollywood Hills, CA

KIDS AND THEIR AGES: Isabella (Stepdaughter) – 11, Slate – 7, Cruz – 5, Dove – 8 weeks

How did you share your pregnancy news with your family and with the public? Did you tell your family or Bravo first? 

I created a “reveal book” which we shared with the kiddos while Bravo filmed.

What is it like filming a “drama” filled show whilst pregnant? It’s a lot to put on one’s plate.  How do you handle it?

There are definitely positives and negatives to filming while pregnant. Positive is you are sober so it’s easy to remember everything. Negative is you are sober and there are times you could definitely use a wine!

How are her kids feeling about their new baby sister? How did they feel before she arrived?  Is there anything special that you did to get them ready? 

Cruz wasn’t too thrilled at first; he really wanted a brother. But he’s come around! They all now call Dove “their baby.” She has a bit of colic right now so they all want to do her feedings since that’s when she’s happiest.

What’s been different (and also the same!) about welcoming Dove?

Well she came smack dab in a pandemic! So that’s been an interesting change. But also this is the first child I’ve had with cameras following me, so a different experience all around.

You change people’s lives for a living.   What was the catalyst behind you starting @goallinbyteddi? What is the best part of your career?

I started ALL IN by Teddi because I needed to find a way to hold myself accountable to my goals. I created an Instagram to just post my workouts daily and it’s snowballed into my company today! The best part is seeing the shift in so many and seeing their lives change. It never gets old.

We’ve been following @goallinbyteddi. Can you share how your fitness routine changed during pregnancy?  Do you create a new set of standards for accountability while expecting? 

This was my first “fit” pregnancy. I wanted to prove that I could maintain my lifestyle during pregnancy. Of course there were days I absolutely didn’t want to leave bed, but I made a commitment to myself and that got me in gear. Sure, my pace may have been slower but that didn’t matter as long as I was showing up for myself.

Similarly, how did your diet change while pregnant? Any tips you would want to share with the expectant moms reading this?

Since I have a pretty consistent way of eating because of ALL IN, I was able to really keep myself on a smooth track. It also lead to me creating our new Postpartum program, because after having the baby, we all need some support to help get us feeling our best.

What is your go-to pregnancy outfit?

Align lululemon leggings and any tank form Target.

What are the top baby items getting you through the newborn phase? (Any favorites?) 

The Snoo Smart Sleeper is a game changer! It didn’t exist when the other kids were born. And I love the Baby Bjorn Bouncer, which all the kiddos had.

What five items have gotten YOU through motherhood? (It can be anything, and doesn’t have to be baby related.)

Peloton bike, my hubby Edwin, snuggles with the kiddos, laughter, and Aperol Spritzes

After talking about your infertility challenges, you conceived Dove naturally. What advice would you give to other women who are currently struggling?

Unfortunately, the timeline isn’t what we want at times— give yourself grace and find others who have gone through or are going through the same thing to connect and be open with.

Do you have any embarrassing mom moments you care to share??? 

I had the kiddos film me doing home workouts for Watch What Happens Live recently and when we finished I realized I had peed a little!

What’s one message that you think ALL WOMEN should hear?


It looks like things are going to get HEATED on this season of RHOBH! Can you share any insider info?

It’s so much more than you’ve read! If Dove could talk, she could spill it all since she was there for everything!

Photo provided by Teddi Mellencamp

You can catch Teddi on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo! each week. Make sure you’re following her and her fitness company @goallinbyteddi on Instagram.

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