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Coronavirus Q&A: Tips for Socializing Safely

By Lindsay Pinchuk

In an effort to continue to support and educate the BCB audience with the correct information, we recently partnered with Impact.  Impact is a coalition of physicians and health professionals working to dispel misinformation and amplify credible sources, amplify Illinois voices and connecting Illinois to national partners, while accelerating the response to COVID-19 through creative partnership. We will be hosting talks every week on various COVID-19 related topics.  In this recent talk, BCB Founder, Lindsay Pinchuk, talks Dr. Eve Bloomgarden and Dr. Laura Zimmermann, co-founders of Impact, on how to socialize safely.  

You can find more reliable information and resources on the Impact website, Instagram and Facebook pages. 

The biggest thing to remember is that even though parts of the country and certain business sectors are “re-opening,” COVID-19 is still here. It is not going anywhere.  The actions that we as a society take over the next few weeks is going to determine the course of our fall and winter months.

Three main things to keep in mind and consider if and when you’re going to socialize and be around others:

  • Physical Distance:  Even though places like restaurants, outdoor spaces, healthcare facilities are reopening, it is still important maintain social distancing in all interactions outside the home
  • Practice Excellent Hygiene: Cover your mouth, wash your hands, wipe down high frequency surfaces.  Do this regularly.
  • Masks: MAKE IT A HABIT to use a mask when outside the house.  Masks protect you and protect others.  When all parties are wearing them the chances of contracting COVID-19 decrease significantly.

Some other important factors to consider when socializing:

  1. Limit number of people in your group to less than 10.
  2. If you are with other people outside of your family unit (who live in your home), stay at least 6ft apart and wear masks (everyone.)
  3. When getting together try to stay outside.  Don’t go into public bathrooms or other people’s houses.
  4. Newborn babies:  Don’t introduce newborns to anyone else outside the house for a few weeks, really as long as possible right now. It is not worth the risk.
  5. Everyone needs to weigh the facts and make their own judgement calls.  If you are feeling a visit with grandparents is necessary, make sure that you quarantine and symptom free for at least two weeks before you organize a visit. Please keep in mind that this means that there are no essential workers present and all parties have stayed home for the two week time period.
  6. Educate yourself and follow guidelines.  This is a BIG ONE. Make sure you are in the know and can make the most informed decisions for you and your family.  Watch the video above as these two incredible doctors share the facts but also stories and circumstances from their own households.

This was a fascinating piece in Vanity Fair calling attention to nations in the far east who are a few weeks ahead of the United States in the fight against COVID-19.  It demonstrates what other countries have done and shares their outcomes of the new normal of daily life.

Here is a great story from TIME magazine about socializing safely that reiterates these points.

You can find more reliable information and resources on the Impact website, Instagram and Facebook pages. 

For all of BCB’s COVID-19 coverage, information, support and resources visit our COVID-19 homepage

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