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BCB Product Feature: Spectra S1 Pump

By Emily Savage

If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, you’ll need to have a few things on hand when baby arrives.  (You can find some of our top essentials here.)  But the most important is your breast pump. One of the most talked about breast pumps right now is the SPECTRA S1 BREAST PUMP.  Retailing for $200 this pump is rechargeable and portable meaning mom can bring it to and from wherever she goes (errands, to grandma’s house, work, etc.)  and never worry about finding a place to plug in!   Another amazing feature to this pump is just how quiet it is, operating at 45 decibels so you can guarantee a soft hushed sound.   It utilizes “Natural Nursing Technology,” which mimics the natural suckle of a baby for more productive pumping sessions with comfort and ease.  All this plus a nightlight for those middle of the night pumping sessions, what more could you need?

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