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25 Books that Celebrate Diversity, Acceptance and Inclusion

By Lindsay Pinchuk

While reading is always a good idea with your kids, there is no better time than now, than to choose books that celebrate diversity, differences, acceptance and inclusion.  As books can take you anywhere and teach you anything, even our youngest readers can take cue for these four guiding principals (among others) that each of these books offer.  BCB rounded up some of our favorite books that we are reading right now.  Our list starts for the littlest amongst us, moving up to our tween readers.  Wherever we could we linked these books to independently owned Black book stores across the country.  Please shop and support local whenever you can.

  1. Antiracist Baby, $8.99
  2. Get Up, Stand Up, $7.99
  3. Why Am I Me?, $17.99
  4. Sulwe, $17.99
  5. I am Enough, $18.99
  6. All Are Welcome, $17.99
  7. Say Hello, $7.99
  8. Ruby Bridges Goes to School, $3.99
  9. Good People Everywhere, $15.95
  10. The Sandwich Swap, $16
  11. This Book is Antiracist, $14.99
  12. 100 African-Americans Who Shaped History, $7.95
  13. Pink is for Boys, $17.99
  14. What If We Were All The Same!: A Children’s Book About Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion, $10.99
  15. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, $16.99
  16. The Day You Begin, $18.99
  17. The World Needs More Purple People, $17.99
  18. Stella Starlight, $6.99
  19. What Was the Underground Railroad, $3.99
  20. Amazing Grace, $18.99
  21. The Story of Juneteenth, $6.95
  22. New Kid, $12.99
  23. Sit-In: How four friends stood up by sitting down, $18.99
  24. The Freedom Summer Murders, $10.99
  25. Hidden Figures, $7.99

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