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BCB Fourth of July Craft

By Lindsay Pinchuk

With the holiday weekend looming, BCB wants to help you and your littles get into the Fourth of July spirit!  Kid approved by BCB Correspondent, Jaryn, this is an easy craft that takes everyone can get in on.  Check out this awesome (and super easy for our littles!) holiday craft celebrating the red, white and blue!  Have a great weekend!



3 colors of paint (no water colors)

3 paper towel or toilet paper rolls

Something to put paint on (paper plates, paper, etc.)

Black paper


Glitter ( This is optional, like most moms, Jaryn is not a fan of glitter 🙂


Watch the video for step by step instructions with Jaryn, and follow along below!

  1. Gather your supplies
  2. Cover your work area
  3. Grab your scissors ( Ask adult for help if needed)
  4. Cut thick strips into the cardboard rolls ( Don’t cut it all the way leave some space at the top)
  5. Pour your paint onto your painting surface and spread your paint apart so they don’t mix
  6. Dip one of the cardboard rolls into the paint
  7. Then dab it onto the paper and it should look like a fire work ( If all of the paint does not show up it will still look cool)
  8. Repeat as many times a you would like
  9. If using glitter sprinkle it on the paint before it dries
  10. Set aside to dry

Make sure you also check out our Fourth of July Red, White and Blue recipe roundup!  From easy pizzas, ice cream sandwiches and even pancakes and muffins, BCB has you covered with holiday spirit all weekend long!

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy Fourth of July Weekend!

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