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BCB Mom IRL: Lessons from the Pandemic with Meghan Fitzgerald

By Lindsay Pinchuk

As BCB catches up with many of our favorite Moms IRL, many have started to share the lessons they have learned and are taking away from the pandemic.  While so many of us feel isolated and alone right now, these lessons are takeaways that everyone in the BCB Community can benefit from.  

You may be wondering who is behind this incredible concept?  We recently caught up with Meghan Fitzgerald,  founder of Tinkergarten, you can catch her full interview here.  Meghan also shared some valuable takeaways from life as a mom and business owner during the era of COVID-19.

Lessons learned for motherhood during the pandemic. 

I recently wrote a blog post after realizing that parenting in quarantine felt all too similar to how it felt to be a brand new mom. In the post, I included reminders of what I wished I could have known as a new mom, and it has really resonated with mothers across our community during these scary, unprecedented times. I’ve included a few below:

  • You are doing enough. You are enough. Your baby (or, now, your kids) really need you more than anything—the real you, not some ideal you. You are right by their side (even if that feels smothering right now). That alone gives them support, security and love that transcends any technique, any approach or any thing you can provide. You are all your child needs.
  • Go outdoors as much as you can. Scientists know that all you need is two hours per week of time outdoors to experience restorative benefits—hurrah! And, we’ve learned that you can make “outdoor” time for yourself, no matter what kind of green space, if any, you have at home. Find out how to hike safely with kids during this time, or read more about how to bring the outdoors in when you are stuck inside.
  • Reflect on what went well. First, at the end of every day, ask yourself: What went well with the kids today? Sometimes it’s obvious. Other times, you have to look past moments you know were not your best to find a tiny nugget of success, sweetness or affirmation. But, at least one is always there—and those moments put wind in your sails. Second, try to identify something for which you are grateful. This is one we do as a family during dinner, too. Focusing on gratitude has been proven to help you sleep better, feel more positive emotions and be a more compassionate and kind person. It may even help boost your immune system. I have taken to writing my answers to both of these questions in a notebook next to my bed. No matter how rough the day, it helps me end on a better note.

Lessons learned for business during the pandemic. 

  • Be ready to shift. The world changed overnight, and you need to remain flexible, creative and try your best to seize the moment. 
  • Support parents—that includes your teammates, the parents you serve and yourself. Balancing all that quarantine requires a lot of us all—especially parents who work and care for their kids simultaneously is so hard. We cannot understand and support one another enough.

Make sure to follow Tinkergarten on social media to stay up to date on free outdoor activities for your kids!  Instagram: @tinkergarten Facebook: @tinkergarten Twitter: @tinkergarten

Do you know a Mom IRL who we should meet?  Check out Bump Club & Beyond for more moms we love!  If you know someone who we should know too, be sure to email us and introduce us at info@bumpclubandbeyond.com.

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