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Product Roundup: Health and Safety Must Haves

By Abbe Herman

Health and safety are top priorities not only in your family, but at BCB as well!  With so many products to choose from, we recently asked our community to hear some of their must-haves for baby!  Check out these awesome picks (which we love too!) to consider having on hand when you bring baby home from the hospital.  For answers to more of your most pressing questions, check out the check out the replay from our recent Expectant Parent Webinar: What’s Up Doc?  BCB’s Pediatrician Panel Tells All. 


  1. RECTAL THERMOMETER:  Did you know the most accurate way to take a baby’s temperature is with a rectal thermometer?  Its true (per American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations).  And while you might worry about how to properly use a rectal thermometer THIS Safety1st thermometer is one that so many of our moms tell us is “tiny, easy to clean and no guessing!”
  2. NASAL ASPIRATOR:Without question, the NOSEFRIDA is, hands down, the fan favorite.   A crowd fave for a reason, our moms tell us “you can control suction, you can see what you’re extracting from their nose, and it’s quick and easy.”  With a price tag of only $15.99 we think this is a MUST add to your registry.
  3. BOOGIE WIPES: Ok, so sometimes the snot and boogies just happen.  Cue the blood curdling cries of just trying to wipe your baby’s nose.  Ugh.  Luckily, we’ve got you.  Take a look at Boogie Wipes and stock up.  “…they don’t irritate the skin and you don’t have to rub hard.”
  4. HUMIDIFIER:  We’ve said it before and we will say it again – a nursery must!  Did you know that infants or obligate nasal breathers?  This means they prefer to breathe thru their nose the first 4-6 months. Having a humidifier on during sleep will help clear nasal congestion and dryness making it easier for baby to sleep.  Babies’ skin can gets very dry and flaky – humidifiers add necessary moisture to dry skin.  We are obsessed with the Crane Adorables!  So many cute animals or if you prefer a more simplistic look, the Drop is a great option and comes in many colors. 

5. SCALE:  Our moms brought this one up and for good reason!  For an underweight baby who you have to keep an eye on, a scale is something you may wish to keep in the house—especially now if you are trying to minimize doctor visits and utilize tele-health.  Because we love efficiency we think THIS is a great option from Hatch Baby.  Its a changing pad (easy to clean, no sheet needed!) AND a scale built in.  Simply connect to your phone and voila. Our moms with a baby deemed underweight said this provided a “great peace of mind in checking in on our little girl.”

6. NAIL FILE AND NAIL SCISSORS: Baby manicures – so cute!  Ok, so not as adorable really as we think but necessary to avoid scratches all over.  There are many out there to choose from but many votes came in for Rhoost.  Their nail clipper is “easy to use and safe.  And when their nails are small you don’t have to worry about clipping their skin!”  Plus they also have emery boards for baby when nails aren’t quite ready to be clipped.

7. VITAMIN D:   Many of our moms expressed that they wish they knew sooner to read up on Vitamin D drops for baby!  Because breastmilk does not have the full amount of vitamin D a baby needs, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfed and partially breastfed infants be supplemented with 400 IU per day of vitamin D beginning in the first few days of life.  We are loving the Childlife Essentials Vitamin D drops!   As always, please consult your pediatrician before giving your baby any additional vitamins or supplements.

All products mentioned are editorially selected.  We encourage all parents to research to find what best fits your needs and adheres to your pediatrician’s recommendations.  For more information from a panel of pediatricians, check out the replay from our recent Expectant Parent Webinar: What’s Up Doc?  BCB’s Pediatrician Panel Tells All.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for 24/7 information and resources from Bump Club and Beyond.  Join the BCB Community (it’s FREE!) for access to exclusive discounts (including some for the products above!), the chance to sample free products, webinar replays and SO MUCH MORE!



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