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Back to School 2020: Setting Up a Home Learning Space

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Back-to-school 2020 definitely looks different from what we as parents are used to.  With uncertainty looming all around us:  if our kids are going to school, for how long and when, it’s important to create consistency in the home for learning.  Without a doubt most of our kids will be participating in some kind of e-learning at some point throughout this school year.  Setting up a conducive space to take on each day is imperative for success.  It doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy or anything fancy, but it should be a space where your kids can be productive.  

BCB’s top tips for setting up a virtual learning space at home: 

  1. First and foremost is the space itself, with that phrase being key. Designate a space that is JUST FOR LEARNING.

    • De-clutter the space with only the things you will need.
    • Don’t worry if it is Pinterest worthy, this space is to be productive.
    • Make sure the space is comfortable, the temperature is right , there is a window or air circulation and that there is enough light.
    • Make sure there are enough electrical outlets.
  2. Set up an ergonomically sound space if possible.

    • Get a desk or table for them to sit at.
    • Make sure their chair is the proper height for good posture and alighment.
    • It’s important for growth and development to be sitting with proper posture. Make sure your kids have a good chair with proper alignment to the table space and their feet placed on the ground.
  3. Have your kids help set it up. Empower them to make the decisions about the space they will be learning in…this way they will be more apt to use it vs. your kitchen table or counter.

  4. STAY ORGANIZED so that your kids can find what they need easily throughout the day.

    • Use labels so that they know exactly where everything is.  Don’t forget that if desk space is limited you can go vertical.  A leaning desk with shelves, or shelves lined along the wall above the desk can help with storage.
    • Create a labeled binder system and use a binder for each subject.
    • Have a clear labeled bin for each subject and stack the bins on one side of the work space for easy access.
  5. Set up multiple work zones if possible. Sometimes a change of scenery is helpful.

    • Create a reading nook with comfy pillows, or a table outside or in the basement for projects.
    • Encourage breaks throughout the day just as you would do during your work day.

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