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Stephanie Gottlieb: What’s In My Diaper Bag?

By Abbe Herman


Not only is 33-year old Stephanie Gottlieb a jeweler extraordinaire and avid Instagrammer  @stephaniegottlieb, she’s also mom to two-year-old Jordan and expecting a baby girl in just a few weeks! (Trust us, you’ll want to follow her–her pieces are stunning and we fall for them every.single.time.)  We recently caught up with Stephanie (who is spending the summer in South Hampton) for a glimpse of  her life as a mom.  She also shared her top “Whats In My Diaper Bag” picks. PLUS, one lucky winner will have the chance to take home some of Stephanie’s favorite items, including a DOUBLE STROLLER!  

Tell us about Stephanie Gottlieb…

I started my business in 2013, with the goal of bringing fashion fine jewelry in a friendly price point to my audience.  My social media started as a “portfolio” of projects I was working on, and continues to showcase my work.  But now it also includes splashes of my lifestyle and personal styling.  I think it’s this more personal piece of my Instagram that really resonates with my followers.

Ok, so we won’t lie, we’re big fans! Tell us a bit about running your own business and being a mom?  How do you do it and find calm in the hectic days? 

I’m lucky that I have an amazing team—I do my best to segment my time, because trying to be in two places at the same time means I get nothing done to its fullest capacity!  So when I’m in “work mode” I try to focus solely on that—and same with “mom mode”.  Calm for me is a manicure, or drinks with a friend; something that is neither work or mom focused, that allows me to be “me”!

Life has turned upside down, how are you teaching these very important life lessons …on racial inequality, antisemitism, the pandemic, the list goes on… to your son?   

I think it’s a very challenging time, particularly to be a public figure on a social media platform.  There are very high expectations to “do the right thing” and to be good role models.  It is super important to me to model good behavior,  to recognize any of my own personal shortcomings and try to be better—for myself, for my son, and for my followers.  Consumers are smart and picky about who they choose to purchase from.  I want to represent a brand that my shoppers are proud to support.  The best we can do is to recognize the work we need to do, commit to doing it, and encourage others to do the same.

You’re about to have two little ones at home! Scared? Excited?  Tell us what you’re feeling. 

Scared and excited at the same time!  My biggest concern is not having enough time for both of my kids and my business, not to mention my husband!!  But of course somehow things always work themselves out, and we’re very excited to add to our family.

For baby #2, do you think any of your go-to products will change?  What are some new things you’ve seen that you are excited to try?!

I don’t think the products will change, unless she requires different products!!  I’m a busy working mom, so I like to keep things simple and easy at home.  Jordan was such an easy baby, so here’s hoping that baby #2 is the same!!  Of course I’m jinxing myself…but we definitely need a double stroller.  We’re trying the Valco Snap Duo.

What do you think a diaper bag for two is going to look like?

In NYC, the stroller comes with us everywhere!  So we normally use the stroller as the diaper bag, with a bunch of Stoney Clover Lane pouches for different categories…diapers/wipes/creams, snacks, toys, etc.

What diaper bag/bag do you carry as your diaper bag when you leave the house with your kids? 

I use one of my favorite totes. I was never into the true “diaper bag” idea, because I want it to be something I love to use!  But we do have a backpack for Jordan from Stoney Clover Lane; this has become his “bag” when we leave the house, and I always carry the essentials in mine too.

What are some other things that you never leave home without? 

  1.  Water Wipes
  2. Extra change of clothes–usually Sesame Street briefs, and a cute top and bottom set from Zara, Cabana, or Maisonette
  3. Snacks! Jordan’s current favorites–Cheddar Bunnies or Veggie Straws
  4. Native Shoes to slip on in case Jordan wants to run in the sprinklers, or take off his socks
  5. Sunscreen–we like Coola because it goes on easily and isn’t super greasy feeling
  6. A Sticker Book– this is the easiest way to distract Jordan when we need to keep him busy; in the car, at a restaurant. He loves stickers! (we at BCB are big fans of Melissa & Doug!)
  7. Aquaphor–it’s good for everything! Lips, a chapped tush, we put it on ANYTHING and everything!
  8. Hand Sanitizer–these days we use it everywhere.  I like the one from Honest.
  9. Baseball cap (ever checked out The Blueberry Hill? – they are adorable hats that BCB moms are loving)

Want to get in on these must haves? We’re giving away a GIANT prize package including a VALCO SNAP DUO DOUBLE STROLLER!  ENTER TO WIN RIGHT HERE!

Photos featured courtesy of Steph Mann Photography

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