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Back to School 2020: Preschool Products

By Lindsay Pinchuk

We can’t forget about our preschoolers and toddlers during Back-to-School!  Even the littlest members of our families are missing out right now with limited in person interaction. PLUS, now is a great time to tackle some tough transitions ie. potty training!  BCB’s rounded up some of our favorite products and tips to make it through this time with our tiny friends. You can see them all in the video above. 

  1. BooginHead Masks:  These are great masks for small faces.  PLUS, they’re soft and stay on. BONUS is that they come in some great patterns.
  2. GrabEaseThese utensils make mealtime easy for the littles.  They are ergonomically designed, easy to grab and use, and a great way to set up proper eating habits among our littles.
  3. Tiny Bites:  These food scissors are easy to use to cut any food into smaller pieces in order to avoid choking hazards. PLUS, they are definitely childproofed with their awesome case.
  4. GoSili Reusable Bags:  A great way to store snacks, and easy to open if your littles have to open them by themselves. (These are great for your bigger kids too!)
  5. Sealy Protect Waterproof Mattress Covers:  If you’re looking to start potty training, these is a great product to protect your kids’ mattress.
  6. CreateOn Magnatiles:  Our favorite building blocks now with our favorite characters:  Sesame Street, The Very Hungry Cattepillar and more.
  7. Contours Bitsy Elite StrollerA small, light weight, easy to fold stroller that is AMAZING for school drop off, pick up, and every day transport—especially when you have more than one child.

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