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BCB Mom IRL: Meghan Hurley of Farmer’s Fridge

By Abbe Herman

Team BCB LOVES Farmer’s Fridge.  During non-COVID times, there isn’t a trip made from O’Hare airport without a stop at theFarmer’s Fridge vending machine for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.  With over 400 automated smart Fridges across Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Indianapolis, Farmer’s Fridge provides  fresh, chef curated, delicious and accessible food. But,  similar to BCB, Farmer’s Fridge made a HUGE pivot when the pandemic hit and now offers home delivery.  Behind that giant shift and all things marketing at Farmer’s Fridge, is super mom, Meghan Hurley. 

Not only does Meghan Hurley possess invaluable wisdom on all things business, mom life and more….but she was one of BCB’s very first supporters in her work life before her current stint.  We were honored to sit down with this amazing wife, mom, friend and business woman to hear how she makes it all work. 

Name: Meghan Hurley

Age: 40 

Kids names and ages: Wylder, age three  and Lincoln,  age six

What’s your background?  

My background is extremely varied. I initially went to college to be a pilot, but pivoted after graduation and took  a job in Fine Art Insurance. While it was exciting  to review different art collections,  it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my career. I took a role in operations at Starbucks before I finally found a perfect marketing role. I spent six wonderful years at Whole Foods Market where I was able to learn an immense amount about marketing and the food business.  Following this position I spent time at McCain Foods, Peet’s Coffee and Trunk Club in a variety of marketing roles before landing at Farmer’s Fridge. 

What took you to Farmer’s Fridge?  Can you tell us a little bit about your role there?

I have always been a fan of Farmer’s Fridge and ate it every day while I was working at Trunk Club. When I saw they were building out their marketing team, I knew it was a perfect fit. I currently lead all of our marketing efforts across the full company including the recent launch into e-commerce with our direct to consumer delivery program. 

How do you balance being a mom and having a successful career? Any tips you’d give to other working moms?

I have always worked for companies that are very supportive of flexible scheduling, and a huge part of that includes supporting parents. This has made it far easier to figure out the right balance to support my kids and my career. However, it is still really hard to balance – especially in 2020. Scheduling time for my kid’s activities and blocking that time on my work calendar has really helped me. I also need physical activity every day and prioritize a few mins to do something, from weight training to a run to a few mins of yoga at night.  I also run a pretty autonomous team, meaning you are responsible for your work being done at whatever time works best for you. This flexibility has helped create a more accommodating environment for our work from home arrangement. 

How does marriage fit in to all of this and how do you find time to focus on your relationship?

Some of the best advice I have ever received is that your partner is the only family member you choose, so you better put extra care into that relationship because they don’t have to stick around. While I love that advice and it’s so true, it’s challenging to practice it with two little ones and a crazy work life. Before 2020, we scheduled dates and trips to create space for us to look forward to and focus on each other. Now we try to find small daily ways to connect. Every night we take an hour to sit on our balcony and talk, which has been immensely helpful. No topic is off limits, which means we talk about work and our kids a lot. We have a mutual respect for each other professionally and really value that partnership. We also plan all the trips we will one day take and restaurants we can’t wait to visit when this all is over, which has been an uplifting outlet. 

Where did you learn about BCB?  What has been your experience with BCB throughout the last ten years. 

I learned about BCB when I was at Whole Foods Market and your company was just launching. We supported the events and I thought it was a great idea. Then I became pregnant and loved the supportive environment you created. There is a crazy amount of information out there for new parents, but BCB really helps to navigate the world. 

What was the number one surprise about motherhood?

This may not be the answer you are looking for, but I think the most surprising thing has been needing a break. I thought I would be able to mother all day, every day. Growing up, it seemed my mom was there at every single moment and sometimes I just need a break. I felt ashamed of how much I enjoyed business travel until I realized I came back so much better and brighter as a partner and parent. I now have a more balanced perspective  on giving myself time and space, but at first I was shocked by it. 

Best parenting advice you have ever received:

Take the help. 

Best business advice you have ever received:

Value kindness on your team and with your peers. 

Best advice YOU give to others or mom hacks you swear by:

When I had Lincoln and was recovering from a c-section, I remember not being able to figure out dinner. I just couldn’t do it. I decided to place a huge order of Indian food. It kept us fed and happy for days. My advice is to not guilt trip yourself over ordering in vs. cooking or keeping the house perfectly clean. Being a mom is hard enough without beating yourself up over the small stuff. 

Also just let your kids wear their pajamas to school. Once I gave up on that battle mornings have been a lot easier. 

What lessons you have learned from your kids?

Wylder is really living up to his name. He is fearless and confident and really excited to do just about anything. His optimism has definitely rubbed off on me.

Lincoln is a lot like my husband – reserved and creative. I have learned a lot about adjusting my extremely high energy to create peaceful moments for him. 

During this pandemic, what are some lessons you have learned:

On motherhood:

This is very hard. I feel like a crazy person most days telling my kids, “Everything is great. Everything is fine.”  I have never ever questioned myself more than I do now. I have lost my patience a lot more than I am willing to admit. That being said, I have also been able to simplify everything in our lives. I need to remind myself of what is important. The kids don’t care about a spring break trip. They care about spending time with their parents.  I have learned that we need to look to smaller wins and smaller changes. A spring break trip has converted into a walk around the neighborhood observing plants. 

On business:

This is very hard too! Honestly the best thing is to not take yourself too seriously. It is really wasted energy in a time when energy and attention are spent. 

Who is your biggest supermom hero?

Personally my mom.  A public figure I really love is Melinda Gates. 

Proudest mom moment?

There are so many, but this summer we spent time in Connecticut with family. Both kids were obsessed with their cousins and fearless the entire trip – even jumping into the deep end of a pool. It was just really nice to see them blossom with others after being locked up together all these months.

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Photo credit: headshot by Charlie Dahl, family photo by Reese Moore Photography

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