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Pregnancy and the Pandemic: Jill Badlotto

By Lindsay Pinchuk

BCB knows that the one thing NOT cancelled right now is pregnancy and parenthood.  In Mid-March, BCB committed to being there to support our parents and parents-to-be throughout this time.  Just as we have for the last decade.   We have taken all of our in person events, education and sampling online as we continue to provide you with the best products, resources, information and connection to one another right now. 

Even during this unprecedented time, we know that community is important.  In fact, it is more important than ever before.  As we continue to connect you to each other, we will also be sharing your stories about pregnancy, labor and delivery, parenthood and more.  You are not alone right now and hope that this helps you to know that we are all in this together.  If you would like to share your pregnancy or parenting journey through the pandemic, please email is at info@bumpclubandbeyond.com. 

If you’re expecting, make sure you check out all of our resources just for you right here, including our FREE expectant parent webinars. 

By Jill Badlotto

To say that 2020 has been a whirlwind is an understatement. And while there is so much craziness going on between the political climate and the pandemic, this little surprise has brought us so much joy amongst the sadness going on in the world. We’re due late October, making me 31 weeks along.

We announced our pregnancy with Jude when I was around 16 weeks – much earlier than this pregnancy. But being pregnant during a pandemic (we found out right before COVID hit) is an entirely different ballgame. It has brought another level of anxiety that I never knew I could experience and keeping this pregnancy to just ourselves and close family and friends felt “safer” for me. (I do have an upcoming blog post about being pregnant during COVID and how this has affected my anxiety). It also felt really special and has allowed us to cherish this process even more. But we’re also ready to share the rest of the pregnancy with everyone and I didn’t want to pull a full Kylie Jenner.

Baby 2 definitely caught us by surprise. (I know that this can be triggering for those who struggle with fertility and want to be sensitive to that, so adding a little warning). Back in February, I was feeling very tired and was only slightly late for my period, but being back on birth control, I thought there was no way I could be pregnant. Still, I had one test hanging around the house so I just took it. You can imagine my shock when I saw it was positive! At my first appointment, my doctor set my due date on October 23rd, which is one day before our five year wedding anniversary. This little soul was just meant to be a part of our family!

CLICK HERE to continue reading Jill’s pregnancy story and make sure to follow her at @jillbadlotto for more!

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