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Mom IRL: Maya Vander from Selling Sunset

By Abbe Herman

Selling Sunset on Netflix is the perfect COVID escape – a touch of real estate (some of the most gorgeous homes we’ve ever seen) mixed with relationship drama.  But what stole our hearts was the tale of motherhood.    Meet Maya Vander, 38 year-old mom of two!  Viewers watched as Maya revealed her pregnancy struggle and reveled in her positive pregnancy test!   Now, at home in Miami with 17 month old son, Aiden and new baby girl Elle (3.5 months) Maya shares what its like to be on the hottest show and mother through it all! 


Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get to where you are today!

I was born and raised in Israel and moved to the US when I was twenty-one. I always worked hard and I knew I could always just count on myself . I got my real estate license when I was thirty and joined a different company. Three years later I joined the Oppenheim Group (Jason approached me) and the rest is history.

How did you share your pregnancy news with your family and with the public? Did you tell your family or your Selling Sunset family first?

I told Chrishell I was pregnant after I took my pregnancy test, but I made my family aware prior since I suspected I might be pregnant. I already knew I was pregnant prior to the second pregnancy so I shared it with my family first.

What’s it like being on a hit show and being pregnant?

While filming the show, I couldn’t wear the sexy apparel I wanted to wear and I couldn’t drink during our social events. I was tired throughout the filming process but overall came out of it feeling proud.

How do you balance being a mom and having a successful career? Any tips you’d give to other working moms?

It is very challenging, and at the moment I do not have extra help. Each day I try to decide what takes priority with work since not all the buyers are ready to write an offer right away or not all the sellers are ready to list. My husband works from home so that is very helpful, and hopefully with COVID-19 cases slowing down I will be able to hire a part time nanny to help me while I’m out for work.

What was the number one surprise about motherhood?

I learned I am not as selfish. My kids come first. I have a lot of patience with them.

Best parenting advice you have ever received?

The best advice I’ve received is to try to keep your children on a schedule and routine.

Best business advice you have ever received?

The best business advice I’ve received is to be consistent and work hard on a positive mindset.

How did Aiden react to his baby sister?

He is looking at her but I do not think he realizes what is going on.

Delivering in a pandemic – tell us, how was it?!

I delivered with a mask on… definitely weird pushing and wearing a mask on. Other than that, nothing too different.

During this pandemic, what are some lessons you have learned?

I’ve learned it is not bad to take it easy and disconnect. I feel like we are always running around, and taking it easy because you have no choice has felt amazing.

  1. Motherhood: Spending time with your kids and family. Although I’m new to motherhood, I’ve spent most of my time with my son prior.
  2. Business:   It’s ok to take it easy and relax is too. During that time you can take classes online, study, or simply just relax.

What are the top baby items getting you through the newborn phase? (Any favorites?)

I love this cool clothing line Baby Mourik: they have soft clothes that I love wearing. I also like the Sleeping Sack by Kyte Baby. Honest and Seventh Generation are both excellent diapers, and a pacifier for me is a savior.

What items have gotten YOU through motherhood?

Basic leggings since nothing still fits me, three months later.

Biggest mom fail?

Not feeding my son chunky solid food early cause he still likes blends and it’s a struggle.

Proudest mom moment?

My kids are happy and relaxed. I think it reflects based on me and my husband’s attitude towards life.

Proudest business moment?

Working with several high end clients. Hopefully something will materialize soon.

BONUS QUESTION: Best part of being on a hit show?!

I love to inspire people! I like giving them hope that if you work hard the sky’s the limit.

Want more from Maya? Check her out @TheMayaVander on Instagram!

Photo credit Alan Phillip Photography

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