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40 Pregnancy Tips from the BCB Community

By Lindsay Pinchuk

We know that right now neither pregnancy nor parenthood is cancelled.  While we can’t wait for the day when we can meet again in person, we want to remind you that the BCB Community is ALWAYS here for you!  We know that things can be uncertain right now, but we also know that you are not alone.  Team BCB turned to our community on Instagram and asked them for their BEST TIPS for surviving pregnancy.  In no particular order, here they are!

Don’t feel like you have to be miserable because it’s “just part of being pregnant”. There are so many medicinal options to deal with common pregnancy symptoms that are considered safe to use.  I’ve seen so many people say “well I’m afraid/don’t want to”, but I truly think mother’s health matters just as much and no one should have to be miserable!


Best advice for a new mommy is: just remember don’t stress and worry about what you’re doing wrong.  Babies don’t come with instructions. But truly just cover all your bases until you figure out why your baby is upset.  They could be hungry, tired, soiled, or in pain or discomfort.  It’s our job to figure out what is wrong.  And, just be calm and take your time.


See a chiropractor!  It helps so much with the aches and pains.


If you have a support partner, begin involving them early and often!


Use Vaseline for easier poop cleans


Always us oil during and after baby moisturizing is so important. Stock up on essentials like detergent, deodorant, soap, cleaning products. Things you don’t want to rush out for right away after child is born.


Learn to just laugh and find the joy in the moment.


You are the main thing that your baby needs. Don’t overdo and overstress on things that are not necessarily to be stressed of.


Bring a nursing pillow and nursing bra/shirt to the hospital. So much easier for those who chose to nurse.


It’s ok to feel the way you do! It’s not all rainbows all the time and that’s ok. Also it is ok to ask AND accept help when offered! I just started learning that the hard way with my second pregnancy. We don’t have to do everything ourselves all the time.

Accept the help. Always accept the help 🙏

Don’t worry about weight gain/loss or how your bump looks. Don’t let people shame you into eating less often or to eat more than you are comfortable with.

Have a support system in place. You don’t have to do everything alone.


Sleep when the baby sleeps and never wake a sleeping baby!

Do what works best for you. Every pregnancy and birth is different.

I’m due next week but being pregnant with my first during a pandemic has taught me to always do what I feel is best for the health of me and my baby and to not let others opinions impact my decisions.


Advice: If you have the tendency to worry, put google away, breath, and call your doctor with any concerns.


There will be overwhelming days and that’s okay! It’s expected and they pass before you know it.


I wish someone told me I would have fluid weight after birth, so my feet were swollen more than they ever were in pregnancy and I left the hospital heavier than I went in!! Also, if you puke all over the nurses, you aren’t the first and won’t be the last!


Try whatever you are comfortable with to induce labor and make sure you are comfortable with your own decisions re labor and delivery.


I wish someone had told me to pack a go bag and have it in your car at least a month in advance in case the baby comes early. I was totally unprepared when my son came.


Listen to your body! It will tell you if you need rest, water, a snack, etc. Take your time to listen to your body’s needs! And don’t be afraid to ask for help on the simple things as you go through your 3rd trimester.


Nap as much as needed and don’t feel guilty about it!


Always accept help while you get it!


Buy a changing pad that just wipes clean! Boy or girl, doesn’t matter!!!


Best advice from Lindsay and Katie today during the live video is that it’s okay to add things for us mommies in the registry! It shouldn’t have to be all for our baby.


Don’t be so hard on yourself and enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible.  Also don’t forget to love yourself and value yourself.


Your birth plan is there to give you a voice in the hospital but you have to remember that it’s not going to go according to plan.  It’s going to be hard and painful and you have to go easy on yourself if something that you didn’t plan for comes up. Postpartum ask questions in the hospital and don’t be afraid to ask for help and enjoy the calm before the storm before you go home.


To cherish each moment, even the hard ones, because the time flies by!


Shaking uncontrollably after natural delivery is normal.


It’s okay to cuddle. You won’t spoil your baby.


Try not to rush things. Every part of pregnancy is different and special!


I wish someone had just told me that it will be really painful. But it’s totally worth it!


I wish someone told me how postpartum can be so incredibly ugly no matter how much you love your baby & yourself. You will be so achy & sore, you’ll feel like you have little control over your now swollen, yet jello-like body. It is such a foreign feeling. And trying to feed, change/diaper, and soothe your baby & you will be downright exhausted. You’ve never felt an exhaustion like this, not until you’re postpartum. Also, I wish someone had told me to pump 2hrs after birth in case my baby didn’t latch.


Have a birth plan, but be flexible. Your body has it’s own plan!


Buy adult diapers for after the baby is born sooooo much more comfortable than the mesh undies and pad combo! Didn’t do it until baby #3 and wish I had known about it sooner!


We’re only 7 months in to the parenthood journey but my mother told me often “they’ll eat when they’re hungry and sleep when they’re tired.” I was so stressed about the “schedule” and logging every drop of food; once I relaxed a little the baby let me know exactly what she needed and then I was able to enjoy it all the more.


Well, I have 7w before my baby boy is officially out of me. Honestly, the best advice I can give to an expectant momma – whatever you’ve decided for our baby is the best choice.  Only you know or understand the journey of your pregnancy. Bonus tip from my midwife – eat lots of leafy greens it helps the elasticity of your skin. This way you won’t tear!


I know this sounds crazy but it’s an old school remedy. When your baby starts teething, give him/her a green onion. Trim so they can hold it. For whatever reason, they love them but it actually numbs the gum and cuts the fever helping the teeth come through and the baby comfy. They’ll stink to high heaven but it completely works!


Don’t hesitate to accept help when offered. Also take naps whenever possible. Take things easy. Drink lots of water. Eat lots of greens and fruits. Finally stay positive. Don’t stress yourself for unnecessary things.


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