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TV SEGMENT: Time Saving Tips and Tricks for Moms

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Parenthood is not cancelled due to the pandemic.  Right now, many moms are home balancing school/e-learning, childcare, their own jobs, managing the house, three meals a day and the mental load of it all.  BCB Founder, Lindsay Pinchuk, joined Studio 512, Austin, Texas this week to share some tips and tricks to help give you a leg up.  If you’ve been struggling at home with young ones and trying to find ways to keep your family (and yourself) healthy & happy then look no further. 



MTRNL is the award-winning yoga and wellness app that specializes in pregnancy and postnatal classes. Even before the pandemic, MTRNL was a virtual yoga studio: classes were taught live online via Zoom, and then published in the MTRNL app for members to access any time.  Subscribe for only $108 to get unlimited access to the live classes, and hundreds of recordings in the app at MTRNL.com


Children and parents alike LOVE unwrapping Ahimsa! Not only is it a show-stopper, but more importantly, it is one answer to the growing problem of plastics in plateware. From packaging to product, you will find ZERO plastic. Developed by a board-certified pediatrician and mom of 3, Dr. Manasa Mantravadi began developing this colorful stainless steel line after the American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy statement saying that plastic can be harmful to children and instead recommended stainless steel or glass dinnerware whenever possible.

Smelly Proof Bags:

Smelly Proof makes tough, reusable storage bags in multiple sizes. Smelly Proof Bags keep odors in the bag utilizing a durable, medical-grade material that is FDA and USDA approved for safe household use. With multiple sizes, Smelly Proof Bags helps parents from everything such as organizing toys and small items, storing leftovers, preparing meals ahead of time, marinating meats or even keeping stinky diaper odors contained while on-the-go.  Smelly Proof bags can be heat sealed with any commercial bag sealer of Foodsaver product and are made in the USA.  Visit  SmellyProof.com for more information and purchase.


Sprout Organic Wafflez are a delicious oven-baked snack for toddlers made with whole grains and real fruits and vegetables.  Each box contains 5 individually-wrapped waffle snacks and are the perfect handheld snack for tiny hands; perfect for the lunchbox and on-the-go snacking.   Parents can feel good giving their toddlers this low-sugar snack that comes in three kid-approved flavors: Blueberry Apple, Apple Carrot Cinnamon as well as the new Pumpkin Butter & Jelly flavor (this new low-sugar snack provides a nut-free alternative to peanut butter by introducing Pumpkin Seed Butter as a key ingredient).

Farmbox Direct: 

Farmbox Direct brings the farmers market to your door. They offer completely customizable organic and natural fresh produce options to fit any budget.  Farmbox Direct has been the perfect alternative to visiting crowed grocery stores and farmers market during COVID.  Their seasonally inspired menus keep you and your family eating healthy without the restrictions and time commitment of meal kits.

THE CONVERSATION NEVER STOPS AT BUMP CLUB AND BEYOND! Stay tuned for for more the Bump Club and Beyond Team to help you prepare for and navigate your way through parenthood.  Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook  for more ideas as we navigate both COVID-19 AND parenthood together.

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