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BCB Mom IRL: Marina Squerciati

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Bump Club and Beyond has long been a fan of Marina Squerciati, who plays Officer Kim Burgess on NBC’s “Chicago P.D.”  And since we met Marina over three years ago, she has also become a fan of BCB!  Right before the pandemic hit, BCB Founder, Lindsay Pinchuk, caught up with Marina.  They dished on all things motherhood, “Chicago P.D.” and the possibility of  Officer Burgess becoming a mom.  But as fans saw, Officer Burgess suffered a miscarriage in episode thirteen of season seven. 

When the pandemic hit, production of all shows, including “Chicago P.D.” was halted.  Fans were left to wonder about Burgess’ future AND what was going to happen with on and off again love interest, Adam Ruzek.  But the wait is over!  “Chicago P.D.” is back on set and the first new episode airs on November 12, 2020 along side alongside “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago Med,” under their new ONE CHICAGO umbrella. Make sure to tune in to check it out. In the meantime, check out this incredibly candid interview with one of BCB’s all-time favorite moms!

Lindsay Pinchuk, BCB Founder:  The last time BCB interviewed you was awhile ago.  You had a baby baby.

Marina Squarciati: Was I crying?  The first year was…I don’t even remember it. As soon as you left I was in tears for sure. (Laughing) How did I even do that?

L: What do you think was the catalyst behind that?

M: I think for me it was the loss of freedom as I knew it.   You talk to friends and they’re like “I don’t know what to do today.” And you’re like:  “WHAT IS THAT LIKE?”  It was hard for me to lose that amount of freedom.

L: Did no one tell you or prepare you?

M:  No, I think that they did, but I think I thought I would just figure it out.

L: (Jokingly) You also got to BCB way late in the game so we weren’t able to prepare you. I talked to you for the first time when you were eight and a half months pregnant and about to deliver. Sorry I couldn’t prepare you better. (Laughing.)

M: You have helped me enormously—with car seats and honestly everything else!

L:  I am so glad, but how are things now?

M: My daughter is 2.5, almost 3.  I love it.  I am very much a working mom. I enjoy seeing how she puts things together. I enjoy trying to figure out what she did at school with the information she gives me. (With a smile) I mean, she’s a genius, but also can’t speak that well.  Every morning she says, “I don’t want to go to school.” So I bought he book The Pigeon Doesn’t Want to Go to School. Then, on Saturday, the day she’s home with me, she wakes up and says, “I want to go to school!”

L: What is she doing now? Is she a typical toddler?

M: Thankfully there is no tantrums.  We don’t really have them. I can see it coming and we can avoid it.  (With a laugh) lollipops are a solve! I am so creative, even as a kid.  But, she is not like that. She is very rational, which is helpful, because when she is about to have a tantrum I can talk her out of it. She is very much into pink and princess—which I have no idea where it came from.  My mom gave me a book, Cinderella Swallowed My Daughter about an uber feminist whose daughter just wants sparkles and stuff.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Marina has a book for everything!  She is one of the most well-read people we have ever met. Follow her in Instagram as she often shares her favorites for both herself and her daughter.

L: Just wait until the Disney stuff comes!

M:  No thanks! (With a laugh.)

L:  (More laughter.). It will!  She goes to school!  She’s gonna hear about it.  Don’t think that you’re going to be able to keep her from it!  You’re not!  What do you like to do when you’re off work and with your daughter?

M:  Anything outdoors!  This morning we went to Altitude Trampoline Park and then Goldfish Swim School to go swimming.

L: Let’s talk about Chicago, do you consider it home? Will you ever leave?

M: I do consider it home. If and when the show ends I will have to decide what to do career wise. I am hesitant to take my kid out of school and replant her somewhere else.  I honestly don’t know. It’s a terrifying prospect, I am not really sure.

L: What are your favorite things to do in Chicago?

(NOTE: this was pre-pandemic)

M: Coming up, we are going to go to “Dance Nation” at Steppenwolf. I love plays! Then we will go to BokaRue is also an amazing restaurant.  SKY is also a favorite.  HaiSous and Aba are also in my  favorites.

L:  You’re very busy!  What are the biggest challenges about having a toddler right now?

M: I thought sleep regression would happen earlier, but it’s happening now.  I have to say, there’s a lot that is great about being a working mom. But I think that a lot of the regression is the anxiety about me not being here. I try to get home for night and I know that she wants me to be here.  Toddlers don’t really get when mom has an unpredictable schedule.

L: How do you manage your unpredictable schedule? 

M: I try to tell her in the morning what is going to happen and when I am going to be home so that she knows.  This morning she wanted only me. Which feels good. I am just trying my best.

L:  We’re all just trying our best—that is normal!   I have been with you out and about when people have recognized you and I find it funny because I know that you are a normal mom just like me and everyone else.  I think that when you say things like this it’s very normalizing and refreshing for people to hear.   What are your biggest challenges as a working mom, especially as she has grown up. She’s now talking and experiencing emotions differently then when she was a baby. 

M: It’s hard to leave a child screaming, “don’t go to work.”  But I love my work and so I never feel guilty.  Over the summer I am off, so it’s not like I never see her, but with my job there will be times when I see her a bit more or a bit less.  I don’t feel like I face challenges as a working mom, I just try to tell her when I will be home. I really like working and wouldn’t change that.  But I do know what the biggest challenge is!  MAKING DINNER!

L: Making dinner is the worst!

M&L: Who knew you would have to make dinner FOREVER!

M: Everyone is like: meal prep on Sunday. I have to say, cooking food and making food for every day is the worst thing in the world for me. My daughter wants to help me.  But toddler help is just…it takes longer.  Dinner is the worst challenge of motherhood.

L: What’s been the number one surprise about motherhood?

M:  I never knew how much I would love her. I find that surprising but also stupid to say.  I just really love her so much, I get so sappy when I say so sometimes,  and that surprises me.

L: What is the number one advice another mom has given you?

M: How much to spend for a kids birthday party?  I texted you asking you that this morning! (Laughter)

L:  Officer Burgess is pregnant on the show.  As you know, I am very excited to talk to you about this.  I love watching the show and I love watching you in action. It’s very cool to watch a friend doing her job that she is SO good at.  I was shocked when Burgess got pregnant.  What was the first thing I texted you?

M:  (laughing) You asked me, “Are YOU pregnant?”

L:  How are you dealing with that?  People are asking ME constantly right now about YOU. You must be inundated. 

M: Oh boy…everyone thinks I am pregnant.  A lot of people on set, there have been a ton of rumors.  And I’m not.  I ignore it. It’s not my problem.

L: Burgess is  pregnant and as of now is keeping the baby. How do you think she’s going to be as a mom?

M: I’m not worried about her at all. The fans are angry at me. It’s the first time I am experiencing anger from fans. The first couple seasons Ruzek was the screw up and I was sweeter. Now he is more sweet and I am not.  They’re mad at me for rejecting him. I think maybe the baby will bring out that sweet side again. I think she’ll be a great mom.  Underneath the tough exterior she’s developed over seven seasons, she’s a softy.

L:  Speaking of motherhood, what are some things you’ve learned from BCB?

First and foremost, always use a car seat. You are strict and it has rubbed off on me! But basically whenever I need help, I text you!   But honestly, just everything.  What is great about you and BCB is that you’re like an oracle. When you “google” something you can basically affirm any opinion.  But with you, you whittle it down and give me the answer that’s needed when you’re scared and don’t know what to do.  Most of the people I am around daily, all of my actor/actress friends, are not parents.  BCB has been a lifesaver.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview was conducted on January 18, 2020, prior to the pandemic and prior to Officer Burgess suffering a miscarriage in episode thirteen of season seven.)

For more from Marina Squerciati, follow her on Instagram.  Make sure to tune in every Wednesday at 10pm ET/9pm CT at  to catch her on “Chicago P.D.” 

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