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12 Ideas for a 2020 Thanksgiving

By Lindsay Pinchuk

As we all know, Thanksgiving 2020 isn’t what many of us had hoped for.   We know that our celebrations will be smaller and most people are not gathering with those outside their homes this year.  But that doesn’t mean that we’re not celebrating.  The holidays aren’t cancelled. We’re simply celebrating differently.  We’re being asked to be smart about our choices and in the way that we celebrate in 2020 so that we can potentially give others the greatest gift of all—the gift of a life saved from being cut short. Despite the difficulties of the year behind us, it is important to remain grateful for what we do have in this moment.  Without a doubt we should all be giving thanks within our hearts this Thanksgiving. 

In an effort to help us gather and celebrate safely in 2020, Team BCB has created a list of ideas that will take you through the entire week of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Now is the time to find those glimmers of hope, to start and create new traditions.  Maybe, just maybe, some of them will take for years down the road. 

  • Create an “Im Thankful for…” Scavenger Hunt and split your family up to finish it. Winners get extra dessert on Thursday night!
  • Go on an “I’m Thankful for You” Tour. There is never a better time to tell those you love how much you appreciate them.  Schedule times throughout the week to Zoom with different family friends, or those you know across the globe.  Maybe set up a Zoom with your college friends and THEIR kids—so that your kids can meet each other.  Remember Aunt Ida, your Grandma’s sister? You may not see her often, but there is no better time than now to brighten her day.  Maybe ask her to share stories about relatives you have in common. Use Thanksgiving week as an excuse to connect with people from different parts of your life.  Technology makes it easier than ever to do so.
  • Make a YUMMY breakfast on Thursday morning, snuggle on the couch and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Some of our breakfast favorites include:  Steph Izard’s Blood Orange Mimosa,  Anne Burrell’s Orange Pumpkin Pancakes, Heston Blumenthal’s Scrambled Eggs. and this awesome french toast from The Stay at Home Chef.
  • Have everyone choose a dish for the annual feast on Thursday. Try to assist as little as possible and let them make their own creation to bring to the celebration with your family.

  • Remember when we “Boo’d” people on Halloween? This month, Secret Turkey your friends for Thanksgiving!  Write them thank you notes, tell them how grateful you are for them and leave them in their mailboxes.  BONUS if you make friendship bracelets or lanyard keychains (a great excuse to use your materials left over from spring and summer!) to accompany your notes.
  • Focus on the POSITIVES of 2020! Sit down with your family and make a list of what you’re thankful for. And then make a list of things that you don’t miss and don’t want to go back to after the pandemic subsides. Use this as a chance to make permanent changes to your household dynamic.
  • Craving Aunt Sue’s Apple Pie? We know we are! Have Grandma or your favorite Aunt teach your kids how to make their favorite recipe over Zoom!  Get all the ingredients and have her do a virtual cooking class with them.  You’ll be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving standbys AND get a couple hours of “free” time while the kids are busy.
  • BYOD Outdoors! Bundle up, or make a fire, and invite your neighbors or a couple of family members to Bring Your Own Dessert outside! Keep it brief, stay distant (at least six feet for sure, if not ten or more if you’re eating), and keep household bubbles separate.
  • Run a virtual Turkey Trot.
  • On Wednesday night order in your favorite carry out and have a Thanksgiving Movie Marathon. Some of our favorite holiday movies:  Love Actually, The Blind Side, Addams Family Values, and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. 
  • Pick a show ABOUT FAMILY that the whole family can watch and binge it throughout Thanksgiving Week. A few of our favorites:  Wonder Years, Full House or Full(er) House, Family Matters, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, or Home Improvement.

  • Adopt a family! There are so many families in need across our country right now.  Adopt one for the holidays and spend time picking out gifts for them to make their holiday season special.  You can even have your kids “earn” gifts or money to send through extra chores around the house.  OR your kids can think of a creative way to raise funds to help buy gifts for your selected family.  You can:  A couple organizations include:  Salvation Army,  Children’s Place Association,  Soldiers Angels
  • GIVE BACK! Even if you can’t go serve meals at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen to volunteer this year, many organizations still need your help! A few ideas:
    • Call your favorite non-profit and ask how you can support them at this time.
    • Have your kids collect food donations in a bin on your porch. Email/text/call friends and family and ask them to donate. Drop them off at a local food pantry.
    • Head back to summer’s favorite pastime…bead bracelets or make friendship bracelets. “Sell” them for a donation and donate all of the money to a charity of your family’s choice. Make sure to let people know where the money is going to go before they “buy” one!
    • Organizations like Share Our Spare (from the Baby2Baby Network) are asking for help sorting bins of winter clothes. You can bring them to your house and do it before bringing them back to the organization to distribute to families in need.

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