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10 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays in 2020

By Abbe Herman

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, there are still plenty of ways that you and your family can give back this holiday season. As we get into the holiday spirit, the BCB team has rounded up some of our favorite ways.  While we might not be able to gather with loved ones, we can all do our part to make this world a better, safer, healthier place.  Take a look at how you and your family (kids too!) can spread the love. 

Baby2Baby’s Family2Family program:  Show your kids how important it is to give to kids in need and leave a lasting impact.  Sign up to be a part of Baby2Baby’s version of Adopt-a-Family this holiday season and provide children with their most needed items.  For more information email holiday@baby2baby.org

Cook a Meal: Spend time together as a family and cook a meal (and maybe some cookies too!) and drop off at local shelters, fire stations or friends who may be alone.

Make a Donation:  We all have a cause we believe in or a non profit we support.  Use this holiday season to make a meaningful donation to the charity.  Even the smallest amount goes a long way.  Perhaps your kids can save up all month long and make a donation before year’s end!  It’s never too early to explain how important it is to give back, and it’s never too young to become a philanthropist.

Reverse Advent Calendar:  Collect a box of non perishables all month long and then donate the entire box of items to a local food bank on Christmas Eve.  (@passionatepennypincher)

Keep the elderly company:  Call a local senior or assisted living facility in your town.  Ask if you or your kids can become penpals with some of their residents.  Spend some time writing letters, send pictures. Maybe even “meet” over FaceTime.  Once you get to know each other you can maybe even drive by and wave to your new friends.

Volunteer in your neighborhood:  Perhaps there is an elderly neighbor, or someone who lives alone close by?  Check on them.  See if they need any help outdoors—shoveling snow, raking leaves, or other outdoor tasks.

Thank Emergency and Essential Workers:  Leave treats for your mailmen, delivery people and garbage collectors or send cards to the nurses and doctors at your local hospital.

Donate Blood:  Giving blood is always helpful, with the pandemic, now more than ever.  Go to redcross.org to find a blood drive near you.

Clean Out Your Closet:  Seriously.  You’ll be amazed at the coats, gloves, hats, toys that your family no longer uses.  Take a family field trip and drop them off at a local shelter.  Your coat means more than you know to someone in need.

Shop!   Did you know there are many companies who are donating part of their proceeds this holiday season?  BCB rounded up a whole host of Gifts that Give Back in this year’s BCB Holiday Gift Guide.  You can check out even more options here:

THE CONVERSATION NEVER STOPS AT BUMP CLUB AND BEYOND! Not only are we here to help you get through COVID-19, but we’re also helping you to navigate our first (and hopefully only!) pandemic holiday season. Check out some of our favorite ways to celebrate and embrace new tradition for 2020. 

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