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5 Tips for Self Care Right Now

By Abbe Herman

Let’s face it, we’re all drowning in e-learning, quarantine fatigue, too much TV, not enough exercise and just a lack of a few minutes of me time.  As always, Team BCB is here for you.  We rounded up five simple, easy ways to indulge in some self care this holiday season.  While it’s so hard right now, try to take it in stride.  Try not to let stress of the season get to you and remind yourself that this is not a normal year. 

Check out these simple tips:

TIP #1:

Even though salon manicures may be out of the question right now, we promise that there is a way you can still take care of your nails.  Enter Olive and June.  This at home manicure kit is a MUST-HAVE for any nail conscious gal (or guy!) right now.  Equipped with all the tools you need and a full line up of colors, the Olive and June mani kit is a perfect solve to your missing standing appointment.  BONUS is that all of the nail polishes are vegan, cruelty-free and 7-free (excludes 7 potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in nail polish). Follow along on Instagram or their website for a full mani bootcamp.  And guess what?  They just launched a pedi set.  Say goodbye to salons…forever?!

Tip #2

Not only are facials likely out of the question right now, due to state mandates they’re not even possible. But you can take matters into your own hands with Summer Fridays.   What began with the Jet Lag Mask has expanded to cleanser, serum and lip balm too!  Summer Fridays was created by dynamic Mariana Hewitt and second time mom-to-be, Lauren Gores Ireland,  who were on a mission for clean, hydrating products to give that perfect glow, and of course healthy more radiant skin.  FUN FACT:  Summer Fridays was born when Lauren herself was pregnant, meaning that yes, all products are pregnancy safe.

Tip #3

Team BCB knows a thing or two about a good blowout.   When we started hearing the buzz over the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer we hit purchase immediately.  This is your answer to a fool proof at home blowout.  A round brush and blow dryer in one leaving you with volume, the perfect bouncey waves and the feeling of having just left the hair salon.  A good hair day is a game changer, so do yourself a favor and grab this hair tool (its under $60!) and thank us later.

Tip #4

Known for their soft, light, luxurious bedding, how does having that from Parachute draped over your body?    Head on over asap and grab their Cloud Cotton Robe.   It’s incredibly comfortable, has 2 hidden pockets and is the perfect outfit for your at home mani, facial and blowout.  Plus be sure to check out their full line of products for ultimate relaxation at home.

Tip #5

There is no better way to give yourself a few minutes of calm than through meditation. With so many fantastic apps, there is no excuse to not carve out those five, ten, or fifteen minutes of “me time.”  Whether its your first time or you are a veteran, these apps have you covered to meet your needs.  Mental health is something we all should work on and mediating even for just a few minutes each day can be the next step to finding a happier, healthier you.  Check out Peloton, Calm or Headspace.  Just a few of Team BCB’s faves.


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