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Whats In My Diaper Bag: Laura Graham of @lauraelizabethgraham

By Emily Henricksen
What’s In My Diaper Bag is brought to you by:

Born and raised in Knoxville, TN , Laura Graham married her college sweetheart, Luke, in 2018. Their first born & precious pup, Lacie, was their center of attention until they recently welcomed their baby boy, Liam, into the world.  We were lucky enough to have a few minutes to chat with Laura and get the low down on what she keeps in her diaper bag for her four month old son (and for herself!).  As Laura can attest, Huggies is here for all your diapering needs with their new line of Special Delivery diapers- the softest, plant-based* diaper available with trusted protection and features adorable designs! Make sure you ENTER HERE to win a YEAR of FREE Special Delivery Diapers from Huggies. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog!

I graduated from The University of Tennessee with a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Human Resources Management. I have a full-time job at Discovery, Inc. and focuses in Benefits.

​I brought my passion and love for helping others together and created my online business, lauraelizabethgraham.com. There, I share my everyday life, beauty & fashion tips as well as fitness and wellbeing content.

What diaper bag/bag do you carry as your diaper bag when you leave the house with your kids? Feel free to include a link to the bag.

We have the Freshly Picked Diaper bag and LOVE it!! I have it in two colors even.

Lets take a look at Laura’s essentials: 

1. Huggies Diapers (duh!)

2. Burp cloth – we love the Copper Pearl burp clothes – adorable prints and definitely catch it all 🙂

3. Extra change of clothes (for mom and baby!)

4. Baby Shusher Sleep Soother Sound Machine – this has proven to be a lifesaver when we are out and about.  Gentle shush for Liam to keep him sleeping even when just running out for a Target pick up!

5. Baby wipes from Huggies

6. Desitin diaper cream – we are trying to stay ahead of diaper rash and so far we love Desitin and how well it helps!

7. Gripe water

8. Mylicon drops – keeping this around is a must for gas and keeping Liam’s tummy happy.

9. Mom’s essential! – wallet, keys, chapstick, etc. My diaper bag is spacious enough to carry my stuff too! This way I don’t also need to carry a purse.


Check out more from Laura and sweet baby Liam over at @lauraelizabethgraham on Instagram and lauraelizabethfostergraham on Facebook.

*23% by weight.


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