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Home for the Holidays: Potty Training Tips

By Emily Henricksen


Most of us are hunkering down for lots of time at home for the holidays. There is no better way to make good use of the extra time than to get a start on the thrill of potty training.  We pulled some top tips from our BCB Experts to help set you off in the right direction.  Crank up the heat at home, take off the pants, and let potty training commence!

  • Use your child’s cues – When they start showing interest in potty training (usually between 18 mo – 2 years), it’s time to begin. If they show signs of resistance, try again later.
  • Expose, expose, expose! Allow your child to watch you/your partner use the bathroom so they can start to understand what’s going on.  Bonus tip: Around the age of 18 months, move your child’s diaper changes to the bathroom so that they start to make the association
  • Get the right “equipment.”  You need underpants and preferably ones with characters your child likes (see note below), you need a small potty (although some kids prefer a normal potty) and you need steps up to the adult potty for easy use.
  • Again – Expose, expose, expose! Allow your child to sit on the potty comfortably, with clothes on, just reading a book or singing a song.

  • Buy big kid underwear! Let them pick it out and wear it over their diaper/Pull-up to start to get excited about potty training.

  • Encourage – Celebrate even the tiniest steps; Sitting on the potty for a few seconds, putting undies on over their diapers, etc. Make them feel accomplished for their progress!  Give only positive reinforcement, stickers, M&Ms, etc. Negative comments and scolding will only make the process take longer and shame your child.

  • Many suggest the “3 day” rule by where you keep your child at home and only in underpants. If there are accidents take them straight to the potty and show them where they should go. They do not like the wet feeling so eventually they will start going in one of the potties.
  • Pooping on the potty is bit harder. Try and put our child on the potty 30 minutes after every meal and read a story or play a game and explain that they can poop in the potty while you are there.
  • Remember that it is a process and accidents will happen, be prepared for them and provide comfort and reassurance when they occur

Thank you to Dr. Payal Adhikari, Dr. Ann Giese, and Dr. Courtney Weems for sharing your pro-tips with us!  We remind you all that you know your child best so be sure to follow their cues.  Always reach out to your pediatrician for further guidance.

THE CONVERSATION NEVER STOPS AT BUMP CLUB AND BEYOND! Not only are we here to help you get through COVID-19, but we’re also helping you to navigate our first (and hopefully only!) pandemic holiday season. Want more ideas to pass the time at home for the holidays?  Check out a list of our partners with Winter Break programming.  

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