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BCB’s Favorite Things 2020 Edition

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Just as we were settling into 2020 the year went completely sideways for everyone.  What we all thought would be just a few weeks of quarantine turned into over ten months (and going!) of a new normal.  During this year that was anything but what we thought it would be, Team BCB truly tried hard to embrace the positives, turn lemons into lemonade and to get by the very best we can. Our entire team recently weighed in on what they would have never made it through 2020 without.  What were your must-haves for this year?  How did you make it through this year and the pandemic?

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Photo: Rachel B. Photography

Lindsay Pinchuk, BCB Founder

Peloton: Whether you have a bike, treadmill or not, the Peleton app is. Incredible for working out. There is honestly something for everyone, and they just added prenatal too with their currently pregnant instructor, Robin Arzon.

Tie Dye Sweatsuits:  My uniform of COVID-19.  Two of my favorites are from Just About Dyed and Hi-Tied, two awesome small, women-owned businesses.  My family even made a few of our own.

Meomi Wine: No explanation needed.  Meomi has always been my favorite Pinot Noir. Their rose is great too.

Casamigos and 21 Seeds TequilaI perfected my hand squeezed, homemade margaritas during the summer when we were outside with our “bubble.”  I LOVE Casamigos, but then I discovered 21 Seeds—it’s infused with fruit flavors and just mixes things up every once in awhile.

Baked Goods!  Shookies Cookies and Sugar By Hillary Cookie Dough: Two amazing, local, mom-owned bakeries…I can’t get enough of either of their baked goods…now or before the pandemic.

Lettuce at Home Delivery from Lettuce Entertain You:  When we finally started ordering in regularly in late April/May, we were driving to the city to pick up our favorites.  But then Lettuce Entertain You started to deliver to the suburbs, making my life so much easier. PLUS, I was able to order my favorites from multiple restaurants in one order, which has been AMAZING.

Hotbox Sushi:  Part sushi, part casserole…all delicious.  Another local mom started this business which has become a once a week habit in our house. She’s based in the ‘burbs but makes regular city and suburban drops (for those based in or near Chicago!)

Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video: I have never watched more TV in my LIFE! I never would have made it through 2020 without my streaming services!  Some of my favorites to binge include:  The Handmaids Tale, Workin’ Moms, Euophria, Schitt’s Creek, The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown, The Bold Type.  (There are so many more where these came from. Follow me on IG as I regularly update them, or PM me if you want suggestions!)

Freedom Moses Sandals: Another small business almost my entire family now supports, these sandals are the most comfortable, and cutest you will ever find.  And they don’t break the bank!

My Fire Pit:  This became my social outlet and the place where I would see a friend or a few at a time throughout the summer and into the fall.  Our last fire was in November, so this really did provide a social outlet during this isolating time.

Z by Zella Faux Sherling Zip Up: The best layering piece ever.  It is also cute enough to wear “out.”  I wore it the two times I ate dinner on a restaurant patio this year.

The Comfy Original:  My entire family has these now too!  Perfect for sitting out by the fire when its cold out, these will definitely be getting us through winter!

Joy Rebellion Masks:  Hands down my faves.  Besides the fact that you can customize them, they adjust well and are comfortable.  Biggest plus?  You’re supporting a small business when you buy one of these masks!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls:  Reading these short stories became a nightly tradition with my girls.  This book couldn’t have come at a better time as I want more than ever to share positive female figures with them.

Ollie, my new puppy:  There is nothing better than puppy snuggles to get you through a tough day.  Ollie has been a light throughout all of this—we likely never would have gotten a new dog outside of the pandemic.  But as we slowed down and stopped traveling, we realized we were able to bring on a new family member.  The kids have never been happier.

My Family:  Yes, of COURSE there were times when we were at each other’s throats…but I couldn’t have made it through this mess without them. I relish in the fact that we were able to eat dinner together every night—no activities, no travel, no work obligations.  We had family movie nights, family game nights.  My girls had a sleepover almost every night during the pandemic. If we can get through this and still want to go on vacation together—we can get through anything!

Lindsay Pinchuk asked the rest of the BCB Team what they couldn’t have made it through Quarantine without!   Here’s what they had to say:

Abbe Herman, BCB Director of Events

Olive and June Manicure System, $80:  I basically became an expert nail tech during COVID thanks to this awesome kit.  And my nails have never looked better!

Yeast. Making a lot of challah and its something to look forward to every Friday night.

Lululemon Align Leggings: I wear these all day everyday. My COVID uniform.

Magic Spoon Cereal:  This breakfast option allows me to indulge in childhood favorite cereals with no guilt.

Puzzles: Ravensburger and Springbok are my favorite brands.

Casamigos. No explanation needed.

My Family:  I wouldn’t have made it through quarantine without them. (Pictured above on my wedding day this past August.)


Helen Malkin, Senior Accout Director

Nespresso Vertuo Plus:  Starbucks closing at the start of the year and then the long drive thru lines forced me to make coffee at home—I can’t live without my Nespresso!

UGG Women’s Tasman Slipper: These make working at home that much more comfy.  Definitely part of my COVID uniform!

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein-Strong Treatment: Definitely helping me in the self care department.

Katie Blozis, Director of Business Development

Starbucks Drive Thru: This is just as much about the coffee as it is an opportunity to escape and have a few minutes to myself.

Face Foundrie Collagen Spritz: I’ve been tired since the second week of March. This makes me look a little less tired than I feel (or at least I like to think so).

Magazine Subscription:  Years ago I subscribed to a ton of magazines. I haven’t in years as everything can be found digitally. With so much time being spent in front of a screen these days between work and distance learning, I recently started subscribing to magazines again and love giving my eyes a break from the screen and squeezing in a few minutes of “me time” whenever I can. Some of my favorites include Good Housekeeping, Real Simple and People.

Emily Weiss, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Reading:  I read about a book a week, giving me an escape from the everyday! My favorite book of 2020 was hands down The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

Zoom with friends: A great way to catch up with those near and far—even if you can’t get together in person.  This has been a real lifeline for me.

Trader Joes:  My #1 place to get groceries always, and the fact that they were open throughout the pandemic really just got our family through it all.

Obe Fitness:  When gyms closed, Obe provided me live and on demand classes of every kind…right in my living room. With so many to choose from I was able to work out whenever I could (or wanted to) squeeze it in.

Netflix:  Cobra Kai was my favorite, but I watched so many great shows this year!

Wolffer Estate Vineyard Rose:  I only drank a little during COVID, but this was usually in my glass when I did. 🙂

Family with outdoor space:  Living in the city, outdoor space is hard to come by. Being able to visit family with outdoor space is a huge bonus.

National Parks vacation:  A BIG bonus to COVID as I likely never would have taken this trip otherwise.

Central Park:  The place where us city dwellers go to get outside.

Group Texts 


Staci Smith, Director of Consumer Engagement

Support of family and friends

Netflix subscription: I think we’ve all watched more TV and movies than we ever thought we would!

Amazon Prime Subscription: Definitely helps to feed my shopping habit without having to leave the house! Same day and next day delivery makes it almost as good as going to the store!

Our team independently selected these items.  If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

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