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BCB Community: Thoughts on 2021

By Lindsay Pinchuk

Last week we said goodbye to 2020, a year that many were ecstatic to shut the door on.  As we move into 2021, with a whole new year ahead of us, we took some time to reflect with the BCB Community.  We asked you guys about the lessons 2020 taught you, what you couldn’t wait to leave behind and what you were most excited about.  We share these so that you know, as isolating as this time is…you’re not alone. Happy New year BCB Community.  We can’t wait to see what we do together in 2021!

Lessons the BCB Community is taking from 2020 into 2021…

Be present with my family and less on my phone.

Don’t take life for granted.

How to be patient with myself. It helps me realize my self worth, in turn it makes me a better mom.

To enjoy life.

Trust your gut and don’t ignore any red flags.

Don’t eat broccoli, it gives mama bad gas. 🙂

Spend more time with my family.

Time with family is priceless.

To be grateful for every single day.

Take time for me—no mama, no wife, no friend, no daughter duties for 30 minutes every day.

Give myself some grace.

To set boundaries and say no.

To spend more time with quality people.

I won’t let my husband’s family bully me with decisions about my child. I don’t want my baby to get COVID-19 again.

Wear masks in the winter.

Make an effort to reach out to loved ones over the phone.

Be more physically active, watch less TV and be more active with our family as a whole.

As we move into 2021, the BCB Community is looking forward to leaving behind…

…online learning and teaching from home.  Bye 2020, bye COVID-19, bye bye being trapped at home!

…stress the year has brought.

…all of the stress associated with 2020!

…shortened business hours, schools shut down, and online orders taking forever and getting mixed up..a lot of juggling with two jobs, virtual learning and rely8ing on family to watch kids. Yikes, I hope 2021 will slow down.

…all of the crying I did.

I actually loved 2020 since my sweet baby was born, but I can’t wait to leave the social restrictions behind.

In 2021 the BCB Community can’t wait…

…until we can hold one another again. My aunt passed from COVID today and I can’t remember the last time I got the chance to hug her. It’s been a lonely year for this expectant mama, like so many other mamas I’m sure.

…for my girls to get back to some sort of normalcy with school and I cant wait to keep on our journey of finding fun, new, healthy recipes to cook with the girls. Happy New Year!

…to introduce my son to friends and family in the new year.

…to go to museums and libraries when things open. I look forward to going out again one day in 2021.

…to have hindsight/2020 vision!  Ha! I’ll be picking up some motivation.

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