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Hottest Shows to Binge Right Now

By Lindsay Pinchuk

In the beginning of the pandemic, Team BCB came up with a list of 102 shows to binge watch during lockdown.  None of us ever thought we would be here ten months later….still binge watching TV.  With temps dipping in many parts of the country, we know that a lot of us are stuck at home right now.  BCB put together our favorite shows to binge watch right now.  Many of which are NOT on our original, and those that are our favorite from the COVID-19 era thus far.  Please note, these are shows for YOU.  They are not intended (and many are not appropriate) to watch with your children.  Happy watching!

Big Sky (Hulu): From David E. Kelly (“Big Little Lies”) comes a mystery series that will leave you wanting more.

Bridgerton (Netflix): Probably the raciest show on the list,  one member of our team described it as, “like ‘Period Porn.'”  That description will hopefully entice you, as this is the most watched show on Netflix.  Ever.  You MUST WATCH so that you can see why.

Dead to Me (Netflix): Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini star in this dramedy about two women whose lives are intertwined after one fateful event.  Half hour episodes make this an easy watch.  But you won’t be able to stop watching as both of these women simply shine.

Emily in Paris (Netflix):  Remember when we could travel?  Remember when we were young and carefree?  Let Emily take you on her journey to Paris—and you can daydream of what once was all over again.  You’ll easily finish this show in a few days, leaving you craving more.  Thankfully a Season 2 is on the docket.

Euphoria (Prime Video/HBO Max):  Most likely you’re a parent if you’re reading this.  With that in mind, this show is going to scare the living daylight out of you. BUT, there is a reason why Zendaya won an Emmy for her performance in this coming-of-age TV show.  The season finale left us wanting more, and right now there are two intermittent episodes to watch as the new season was delayed because of COVID.  (Once you watch you’ll understand why….this show too has some incredibly racy scenes.)

Industry (Prime Video/HBO Max):  A group of recent graduates vie for top jobs at one of London’s top Investment Banks. As you watch the boundaries of friends, colleagues, lovers and enemies emerge.

Money Heist (Netflix):  This import from Spain is the story of eight thieves who take hostages and lock themselves in the in the country’s Royal Mint.

Mrs. Fletcher (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu):  One of our favorite comedians, Kathryn Hahn, stars as a recently divorced mother of a high school senior, who is looking to re-enter the dating game and jump start her love life.  Wherever Kathryn goes, belly laughs will follow, she shines in this miniseries.

Normal People (Hulu): This Emmy nominated series is the story of just how complicated love can be.  A bit racy at times, this series has received rave reviews.

Schitt’s Creek (Netflix):  With six seasons, this show will keep you busy for awhile.  While the first season gets off to a slow start, it only gets better from there.  PLUS, you MUST watch from the start to understand and get to know the amazing characters that are developed in this series.  Easily one of the best shows with one of the best messages, ever, in television history.

Succession (Amazon Prime/HBO Max): The Emmy winning story about the rich owner of a media conglomerate and his heirs, one couldn’t and shouldn’t pass up this story about wealth, greed, scandal and family loyalties.

The Crown (Netflix): If you haven’t started, you’re going to want to binge it all.  While the stories from the first few seasons provide insight into the history of The Royal Family, it is in Season 4 where we see the story of Prince Charles and Diana unfold and let’s just say….WOW. Don’t miss it.

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max):  This murder mystery is the story of how life can change in a matter of moments. Kaley Cuoco shines as the star in this HBO Thriller.

The Great (Hulu): This dramedy is loosely based on the rise of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.

The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix):  Who would have thought one of the most watched shows in history would be about chess?  The backstory of this series is incredible.  It’s creator tried for YEARS to have it produced.  Once picked up, it has become one of the best shows in the history of television.  Perseverance pays off.  You don’t need to know much more.  Trust us and make sure to add it to your watch list.

The Undoing (Amazon Prime):  A whodunit with big names like Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant?  yes please!  This show will keep you on the edge of your seat guessing until the final scene.  Multiple members of Team BCB watched the entire thing in one night….which made for a few very tough mornings.  But we just couldn’t stop!

Workin’ Moms (Netflix):  This show will be on EVERY SINGLE LIST we put out! It is a MUST WATCH for all moms as parenthood is depicted so accurately by its creators Catherine Reitman.  Each episode is only 22 minutes, which makes for a quick watch if you’re exhausted at the end of the day.  But we promise….you won’t be able to watch just one episode. Catch up now….season FIVE is coming soon!  (And once you watch, or if you already have, make sure to check out our interview with star and creator, Catherine Reitman herself!  You’ll want to be her BFF after just thirty seconds!

Yellowstone (Peacock, Amazon Prime): Set against the backdrop of one of America’s greatest treasures, Kevin Costner stars alongside an ensemble cast about a powerful, complicated family of ranchers.  You don’t to know much more, just trust us…definitely worth the watch.

BCB is committed to keeping you informed, educated and helping you to stay busy during this time. Make sure to check out our Binge Worthy Shows for Families, 101 Movies for Your Families, and 101 Movies to Get You Through COVID-19Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook  for more ideas as we navigate both COVID-19 AND parenthood together.

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