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WHM: Rohini Dey of Let’s Talk WOMXN

By lindsay

March is Women’s History Month.  BCB salutes the MANY women throughout history who have gotten us to this point today.  But, throughout March 2021 we are celebrating and sharing MOMS who are making history RIGHT NOW.  As we know, moms are basically super human, super heroes.  We tackle so much at once, are the queens of multitasking and at the end of the day—we are almost always putting others’ best interests ahead of our own.  So as we look to the future, we want you to meet some incredible women, all of who are making sure brighter days lie ahead for all. 

Today we want you to meet Rohini Dey, PhD., mother of two and Vermillion restauranteur in Chicago.  She is also the Founder of Let’s Talk WOMXN, an action-led movement that came out of the pandemic.  It is a collaboration of women restauranteurs to counter the pandemic and build combined economic power.

BCB’s Founder, Lindsay Pinchuk, caught Rohini Dey on The Today Show this morning, sharing Let’s Talk WOMXN and the Dine Together, Let’s Talk International Women’s Day Celebration.   This multi-restaurant, women-led takeout dinner experience combines a multi-course meal with a live online discussion with the restauranteurs in each of the cities. Food critics, a congressperson, best-selling authors, will moderate the online discussions.

Dine Together & Let’s Talk is an experience for all, looking to change the dialogue around parity, power, and positive collaboration. But it doesn’t stop with this one night or one virtual event.  Let’s Talk WOMXN started as a conversation among female owned restauranteurs, all who were struggling with the pandemic.  It has become an action-led movement to help women business owners build bargaining power, build visibility, combine our voice, and undertake joint economic and political action. In order to participate in the March 8th celebration, all orders must be in by March 3rd.  If you miss the deadline, you can still donate to support this incredible coalition of women business owners.

(NOTE: We hope to catch up with Rohini Dey sometime in the near future for an interview, but due to time constraints we wanted to publish this ahead of the order deadline for Dine Together, Let’s Talk.)

Stay tuned as we feature Moms Making History RIGHT NOW every day in the month of March.   Follow us on Instagram and Facebook  for more.   Do you know someone we should be talking to?  Email us to let us know at info@bumpclubandbeyond.com.  You can also meet more Moms We Love, right here. 

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