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BCB Mom IRL: Andrea Furey

By lindsay

Andrea Furey is a working mom with FIVE, yes FIVE, kids under the age of 5.5.  Read that again.  After struggling with infertility Andrea and her husband conceived quadruplets with the help of fertility treatments.  This amazing mom also works in a senior role AND manages to keep her household running like a well-oiled machine.  EVERYONE can learn something from Andrea Furey!  Keep reading as she shares her journey to conceive, the importance of a routine and so much more.  Make sure to follow BCB’s Instagram on Thursday, April 8, 2021 as Andrea takes over our stories!

Name:  Andrea Furey

Age: 36

Kid(s) and Ages: Teddy, 5.5; Hazel, 4; Michael, 4; Molly, 4; Abigail, 4

Where do you live? Loveland, Ohio

You have five kids (including a set of quads!) How did you react when you found out the news that you were having multiples?

I was incredibly excited and incredibly worried all at once. I was thrilled that we would have a big family. That was something I always hoped for, but it was a high risk pregnancy.  I became very focused on doing whatever I could to keep the babies and myself healthy and safe. I also started to rally my tribe. We shared our pregnancy news much earlier with family and friends this time around with the thought that we could use all the prayers, positive thoughts and support we could get.

How did your oldest child react to getting FOUR siblings!?

Teddy was still a baby himself. He was 17 months old when they were born, and I’m pretty sure he thought we were running a daycare here for a while. We had a lot of help the first year (and still have help), which gave us opportunities to make sure Teddy still had a lot of one on one attention.

You have been very upfront about your fertility issues, we would love to hear your story on conceiving your quads!

Absolutely. Infertility was something I never expected to go through. I was 29 and Mike was 31 when we got married, and we knew we wanted to start a family right away.

It was about a month or two after our wedding when I found out I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which meant my body doesn’t ovulate on a regular basis and I would need fertility treatments to increase my chances of getting pregnant. We found a doctor we really liked and started going through the process. I very surprisingly ended up getting pregnant on our first try. We were ecstatic, but unfortunately, the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. We went in at 6 weeks for an early ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. It was devastating. Even though I was only pregnant for such a short period of time, it was crushing. The weeks and months that followed were really tough, and I found myself randomly crying whenever I was alone.

We were able to start trying again 2.5 months later.  I didn’t anticipate having a difficult time getting pregnant because it happened so quickly the first time, but it was a wrong assumption. We went through another seven months of fertility treatments before I was pregnant again. And those seven months were tough to say the least. So many ups and downs.  I researched anything and everything to better my chances of getting pregnant. The best fertility diets, fertility yoga, fertility massages, and acupuncture. It was all consuming. Finally, in November 2014, we got pregnant again! It was a healthy pregnancy, and overall uneventful. Teddy made his grand entrance on August 3, 2015, eight days after his due date, and we started our little family.

When Teddy was about nine months old, we seemed to have a good handle on parenthood. It felt like the right time to start trying for baby #2, especially knowing it took us almost a year to get pregnant with Teddy. I called our fertility doctor and we started the process again. When I went in for one of the ultrasounds where they monitor follicle growth to project when ovulation will occur, I found out my body really responded to the medication, and had four potential eggs. Two were mature for ovulation and two were immature or smaller in size.

I remember the conversation with the doctor as if it were yesterday. I had asked when the odds were of having multiples. My chances of getting pregnant were 12%, and the chances of having twins was in the low single digits. The chances of having any additional multiples was even lower that we didn’t even talk percentage odds. So, Mike and I decided to give it a try, repeating to each other, “What are the odds?” We thought we were bettering our chances of getting pregnant with one, maybe two. But, God had bigger plans for us. Much bigger than I could have every imagined. I took a pregnancy test on Father’s Day in June 2016, and found out I was pregnant again! We were thrilled. We went in two weeks later for a six week ultrasound, and found out it was not one, not two, not three, but four Furey babies. For the first few weeks, there was a lot of shock, awe, excitement, and being a bit scared of the unknown.

Luckily, we had a huge support group among our parents, siblings, extended family, friends, colleagues, and church community. We are really blessed with how everyone supported us. I spent six weeks in the hospital before delivering at the quads at 33 weeks and 6 days. They are our little miracles and are all meant to be here.

Not only do you have five kids but you work full time in a very senior role.  Tell us about your work life. 

I’ve been in the Consumer Product industry for nearly 15 years, spending my time in various sales positions. I currently lead a team of six and we have the pleasure of collaborating with companies to help them partner and grow their business at the largest grocery retailer in the nation.

A lot of moms reading this right now are having the same thoughts we did when we met you.  “How does she do it?”  So tell us…how do you?

With a lot of help! I have to give my husband a lot of credit. He’s great with the kids and he keeps our routine going smoothly. Our parents, family, friends, and daycare are also a big help and are very reliable. My parents also just moved down to Cincinnati which is a game changer!

What are some of your favorite #momhacks that make your life as a mom easier?

We are really big into maintaining a routine. We adjust and adapt as needed, but we try to stick with it. For example, we still bathe the kids every night. When they were babies, we found it was really calming before bed. They would get a bath, bottle and bed. Now that they are 4 & 5, we still maintain a variation of it. Now it’s dinner, bath, a show, and then bed. Our kids were also really good nappers. Now, we give them quiet time. It lasts about an hour and a half. They occasionally still fall asleep, otherwise they play in their rooms. Plus it gives Mike and I a chance to workout, clean the house, meal prep, and get laundry done.

What would someone be surprised to learn about you?

I’d love to carve out some of my free time to help other new moms, moms of multiples, and moms transitioning back into the work force. I’m not sure what that platform looks like yet, but I’m grateful for all of the support I received and want to find a way to pay it forward.

Also, another fun fact: A week after I found out I was pregnant, I had a dream we were having quadruplets. I told my husband, and we both had a nervous laugh at it. A week later we found out we were actually pregnant with quadruplets.

Talk to us about mom guilt…do you have it?  How do you combat it?

ALL.THE.TIME. I constantly feel guilty wondering if each of the kids get enough attention and one on one time. I’ve worried about this since the day they were born. With working full time and the kids being in daycare during the week, I try to combat it by being present with them when they are home and when we are all together. We also have a good bedtime routine. It’s really good one on one time and we talk about their day, what they learned, and who they played with.

What’s at least one regular family routine you have implemented to keep your family running smooth (i.e. family dinner time every night, family meeting every Sunday night etc)?

My husband and I divide and conquer a lot. I do daycare drop off in the morning and my husband does pick up. One of us will run bath time with the kids while the other one cleans up after dinner. It helps us maintain a balance and keep things running smooth.

Who is in your mom tribe and how did you meet them?

My mom, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, cousins, and friends are all part of my tribe. A lot of my day to day mom-ing questions go to them.  I’m also part of two great networks through social media. There is a Cincinnati Triplets & More group and there is a Nationwide Quadruplets & More group that I’m a part of. Those groups have been really helpful for questions like transitioning multiples from cribs to beds, which car seats fit three-across, when/when to separate the kids in school or sports, and all questions specific to multiples. I’ve learned a TON from these ladies!

What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood?  What is one piece of advice for moms of multiples?

This advice applies to both new moms and moms of multiples. We’re really big into schedules and routines. We’ve found our kids do best when we stick to schedules. Now that the kids are older, we are a little more flexible with what the routine looks like, but we still maintain one. My advice is to find a routine and schedule that works best for you and your family!

Also, there are going to be days where you feel like the wheels are falling off, but trust me, that feeling is common and you’re doing a great job!

Do you get any time for yourself?  If you do, what do you like to do when you have it?

I don’t get a lot of time to myself, but that’s ok. I have found lately though that I need to take 30 minutes at night to just relax. Recently that looks like hanging out with my husband catching up on our favorite tv shows, searching new recipes on Pinterest, or doing some online retail therapy. I also really enjoy grocery shopping by myself. Anyone else like that too??!

What is the best part of your kids ages RIGHT NOW?

Seeing their individual personalities come alive. They are so very different.

Teddy is our leader of the pack. We have Mother Hen Hazel.  Mikey is all boy. MacGyver Molly, and Independent Abby.

What do you miss most from pre-pandemic life?

Seeing more of my family, friends and co-workers on a regular basis. Also, I’m a “hugger” so it’s been really challenging not being able to hug people when I see them. The elbow bump just doesn’t cut it!

What are you most looking forward to when the pandemic is over?

Leaving the house mask free, especially for the kids.

What is the best thing to come out of the pandemic?

More quality time with the kids.


Last show you binged: Bridgerton

Last book you read: Expect to Win (by Carla A. Harris)

Go-To Family Dinner: Lasagna

Favorite Beverage: Coffee

Favorite Take out: Deweys Pizza

Favorite Dessert: Graeters Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Summer or Winter? Hands down summer!

Dream Vacation: Hawaii

#1 Beauty Product you can’t live without: a tie between Mascara & Lipstick

App you can’t live without on your phone: Target

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