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BCB Celebrates Mom: Jann Parish

By lindsay


BCB celebrates mom EVERY DAY, but in May we BLOW OUT the celebration for Mother’s Day each and every year.  If you haven’t already, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!  It’s filled with some of the best products from mom and women owned businesses.  We’ll be introducing you to the  amazing women behind these brands throughout the month of May.  If you have a mom founder we should meet, send us an email at info@bumpclubandbeyond.com

Name: Jann Parish

Company: GLU Girls Like You, find them on Instagram @glusticktogether 

Kids (names/ages): Lila 12 and Ethan 10

Where do you live: Columbus, OH

How did you start your business?

This business was really a passion project for my daughter and I. A couple of years ago I was picking up Lila from school when she mentioned that they were going to be talking about puberty in class. She remarked that she thought it was weird that this message was coming from her 4th grade teacher. And you know what? She had a really great point. Maybe it was time for an update to the message. We realized that young women are looking for specific products to meet their needs and we strive to keep the conversation open with young women about what they are looking for in personal care products from nails to skincare and beyond.

What advice would you give to other moms looking to start a business?

Move with Purpose. What I mean by that is consider what your idea means – what does it push against, how does it make people’s lives easier? We started GLU Girls Like You on the premise that girls (and those who identify as such) need a reliable place to go to for advice about growing up. The personal care products like our GLU Mani Kit support that theme and will hopefully help young women as they go through these crazy, mixed up years of their lives. Knowing the value of what you’re trying to create will keep you going when you’d really rather walk away.

How do you balance mom life and work life?  Is there even such a thing?

This is a good question. I had someone once say to me that life is a scale and it can tip in one direction or another. It’s never completely balanced. The trick is to forgive yourself when it leans further one way than another and just know that it’s in your power to reset or tip when one side feels too heavy to bear.

Favorite quote/Motto to live by?

“Who Dares Wins”. I came across this as graffiti on a wall in Amsterdam while traveling years ago. As it turns out, it’s the Royal Air Force motto. And also my words to live by.

What is your theme song or karaoke song?

I’m about to date myself, but who cares? When I was a kid growing up in suburban Houston, Texas, I saw the movie “Working Girl”, which takes place in New York City.  The city seemed so glamorous and mysterious. I was determined to find my way in the big city and ever since, from sitting at my first desk in NYC to today in Columbus, “Let the River Run” is my go-to song whenever I pull off something I am particularly proud of.

What are you hoping to do to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?  Anything on your wishlist?

I very much enjoy the extra special care my family gives me on that day. I am so happy to just relax with them. And I have my eye on a necklace from jewelry (and women-owned!) company Dannijo. We’ll see…

How do you indulge for YOURSELF?

Starting a new business has reduced my indulgences pretty considerably. My true indulgence these days is taking occasional private exercise classes. It’s my gift to myself.

What is the best part about motherhood?

My kids are really funny in a smart, somewhat sarcastic way. I absolutely love joking around with them. The humor can be lost on many outside of our 4-person family, but the fact we can use humor to communicate and as an emotional salve on rough days is the best part of motherhood.

Funniest thing your kid has ever said or done?

There are a lot. One of my favorites was when we were in the process of moving for a new job. The company had provided a guide to show us around town and we had gone to the science center. Lila had really wanted to ride this bike that was suspended in the air but she needed closed-toe shoes. Naturally she was wearing sandals.  Since she was so young her dexterity was still being developed so whenever she pointed she used her middle finger. She looked at me and in front of our guide proceeded to unintentionally give me the bird while crying saying, “you did this”. Imagine the horror on the guide’s face thinking this little girl was flipping off her mother. It was something else.

First thing you will do when the pandemic is over?

Set all of those face masks on fire. I’m only half joking but really I’d really like to have a good, old dinner party.

Check out the BCB Mother’s Day Gift Guide for tons of great ideas for Mother’s Day…and every day! PLUS, there are some amazing ways to WIN and discounts to be had.  If you’re not following @bumpclubandbeyond on Instagram, CLICK HERE and do that now…there are so many great prizes to win in celebration of Mother’s Day!  Make sure to check out Jann’s company GLU Girls Like You, find them on Instagram @glusticktogether .

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