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BCB Celebrates Mom: Michal Chesal

By lindsay

BCB celebrates mom EVERY DAY, but in May we BLOW OUT the celebration for Mother’s Day each and every year.  If you haven’t already, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!  It’s filled with some of the best products from mom and women owned businesses.  We’ll be introducing you to the  amazing women behind these brands throughout the month of May.  If you have a mom founder we should meet, send us an email at info@bumpclubandbeyond.com.

NAME: Michal Chesal

COMPANY: Baby K’tan, LLC on Instagram @babyktan

KIDS (names/ages): Coby 21, Noa 18, Ally 16


How did you start your business?

Shortly after the birth of my son Coby, born with Down syndrome, I found myself searching for a baby carrier that would provide the sensory nourishment he required for optimal development while also be super easy, comfy and carry him appropriately.  I was unsatisfied with the options available on the market, all were too complicated or cumbersome and didn’t give him a body-hugging swaddled hold for his low tone.  I also did not want to have to learn to do ONE more thing, as I was already presented with so much on my plate, but I still wanted to carry him hands free as much as possible for parent-child bonding and development.   So what happened next is a common story  – born out of necessity –  experimentation started with different baby carriers to improve and incorporate various aspects to create a modified baby carrier that slipped on like a shirt.

I went ahead and co-founded Baby K’tan with my business partner, Isaac, and we launched our first prototype in 2007 after experimenting with various baby slings, carriers and baby wraps.  We combined the best features into our own patented design – creating our flagship product, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier.

What advice would you give to other moms looking to start a business?

Becoming an entrepreneur in no easy feat, especially when doubling as a mom.  Ask several successful business owners what their “secret” is and you will receive different answers from everyone.  We know technology is constantly changing and saturated markets can seem like an obstacle, so I always fall back on a few traits that remain constant in my entrepreneurial success for Baby K’tan:

Motivation.  Always remember why you decided to start this journey. My company began out of sheer necessity. Wanting to bond with my son, born with Down syndrome, and my partner’s son born with a heart condition, we conceived a baby carrier that allowed us to hold our babies close, safely and super comfortably while meeting their developmental needs.

Perseverance. Will you endure even when obstacles arise?  Competition and unexpected barriers will always try to sidetrack you, but a strong will can keep your vision alive.

Patience.  Many want to be their own boss and be successful, but it does not happen overnight. Trust me, some days it still seems like a work in progress, so you have to have patience.

Humility. No one likes a know-it-all, and this is even true of the boss/es. The ability to delegate, let go and accept help from others can propel any business.

How do you balance mom life and work life?  Is there even such a thing?

Ha! That is a trick question, isn’t it?

Finding a balance between family and work as business keeps growing is a struggle and a constant challenge, particularly for a business owner who is also a single mom of 3 kids!

However, I have to say, the challenge has certainly helped shaped my brand, as it is a family oriented product, and family involvement and dedication to kids counts when it’s you who stands behind the brand name. Ultimately it has also forced me to rely on others more than I thought I would, like seeking outside help from friends as well as customers that use and love our product to work shows, train sales people, and participate in photo shoots, even as we grow as a brand!

Favorite quote/Motto to live by?

“Accept your greater good!”

What is your theme song or karaoke song?

“It’s good to be alive!” by Ander Grammer

What are you hoping to do to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?  Anything on your wish list?

My daughters and I have planned a girls night (now that they are 16 and 18 we have so much fun together)  and then on actual  Mother’s day we have a big family get together (and thankfully this year we can go back to celebrating together but for now still outside!)

There is nothing more than that on my wish list.

What are five things you cannot live without?

Hmm…  my 3 kids, my 1 dog, and for the fifth item: I’d combine makeup remover wipes, wine and good old Vaseline for my lips into #5!

How do you indulge for YOURSELF?

Sushi, red wine and weekend trips with my girlfriends!

What is the best part about motherhood?

Watching my kids grow up into amazing adults as well as seeing their pride in me.

First thing you will do when the pandemic is over?

A live concert with friends and a garage sale with all my masks and hand sanitizer!

One last mom tip…

The simplest way to put it is not to give up, because things have a funny way of turning around in ways you never expected. And as a mom, you have a lot on your plate already, so remember a few things: The sky might look gray in the beginning, but there is always a blue sky behind it, and if you have a hard time seeing that yourself, make sure you surround yourself with friends & family that know it’s there!

Don’t let any obstacles get you down so much that you consider giving up, keep on pushing. It was very exciting yet fearful to jump in head first on a new venture, but it can pay off, so follow your dreams.

Also, make sure to get inspiration wherever you can. I get my inspiration from my 3 children. I stay inspired because I am constantly reminded, when I look at them, that they are the reason I am doing this, especially my son with Down syndrome, as he is the one that got me started in the first place 21 years ago!

Everything happens for a reason!

Check out the BCB Mother’s Day Gift Guide for tons of great ideas for Mother’s Day…and every day! PLUS, there are some amazing ways to WIN and discounts to be had.  If you’re not following @bumpclubandbeyond on Instagram, CLICK HERE and do that now…there are so many great prizes to win in celebration of Mother’s Day!  

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