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WIMDB Beach Bag Edition with Jackie from Moments of Musing

By Dianne Brown

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Jackie of @momentsofmusing, 32, mom to two (ages 3 and 4) and one on the way  (she’s due in July!) is someone you definitely want to be following especially as we kick off our summer!  At Moments of Musing, Jackie writes from a place of love to herself, to her family, and to all of us.   It is a space where she celebrates womanhood, motherhood, and humanity – the good, the not-so-good and especially the imperfect because nothing and no one is perfect … and there is beauty in it all. Through connection and collaboration, her blog and social media platforms Jackie’s hope is to help to foster the empowerment of women and moms. 

Based in Long Island, NY, Jackie spends lots of time at the beach during the summer so we asked her to share with us what’s in her BEACH BAG.  And what beach bag is complete without sunscreen?  Coppertone, Jackie’s fave, is here for all your suncare needs with their line of Pure and Simple sunscreens.

photo credit: Captured Group Photography


  1. If traveling, I pack a foldable backpack for the beach. If we are home, I bring something bigger, like an insulated cooler bag
  2.  Sunscreen for kids — protecting the kids from the sun is important!  Loving the Coppertone Pure & Simple line, knowing it’s clean gives me peace of mind. 
  3.  Sunscreen for me and my husband — modeling healthy behaviors is important so the kids know we practice what we preach to them about the importance of staying safe in the sun.  Yep, we use Coppertone too!
  4.  Antibacterial gel or wipes — Even before the pandemic, I’d carry around antibacterial because kids are messy. 
  5.  Masks for the family in case we run into the restrooms or other public areas
  6.  Water Bottles! — staying hydrated in the sun is a necessity. 
  7.   2-3 Beach towels — the ocean can be cold so my little ones love to be wrapped in towels when they get out. 
  8.  Beach blanket — we’re not as big into beach chairs as we are about making sure we have a blanket on hand, which we also use for picnics!
  9.  Beach toys — these help to keep the kids busy in the sand so they’re not running to the ocean (and in turn, causing my husband and I to run after them) nonstop. 
  10.  Snacks, ie crackers, cookies, sandwiches and fruit, because food is another necessity. I just try not to pack anything that will melt or be super messy, though. 



Want more from Jackie and her adorable family?  Check her out at @momentsofmusing on Facebook and Instagram and her blog!


Stay tuned for more sun safety and be sure to tune in on Wednesday, June 23 for a special edition of Meet the Brands with Coppertone – live on Facebook!

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