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WIMDB Beach Bag Edition: with @mamafreshchi, Jenny LeFlore

By Emily Prawda Weiss
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Meet Jenny of @mamafreshchi, a Chicago-based mom to two sons, ObieQ, 4.5, and Jameson, 6 months. Through community building, Jenny celebrates the diversity in motherhood.   Jenny’s blog and social media accounts to help connect mothers with the goal to provide support and encouragement so that no Mama ever feels alone!

With summer in full force and we asked Jenny to share tips and tricks of her beach bag – and let us tell you, there are some GREAT mom hacks in there!  And what beach bag is complete without sunscreen?  Coppertone, a proud partner of BCB and one of Jenny’s faves, is here for all your sun care needs with their line of Pure and Simple sunscreens.


  1. The actual bag! Looking at a couple that are washable and tip proof so it won’t spill over! At the end of the day you simply hose it off. That sounds like a dream.  
  2. A Fitted Sheet. This is one of my favorite Mom hacks. This gives your family room to lounge and is so easy to shake off sand. 
  3. Sunhat for my baby. I look for the perfect combination of cute and proper coverage to protect him.
  4. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and more sunscreen by Coppertone. Spray-whipped-stick I like to have it all in my arsenal!
  5. Baby Powder, another Mom hack. This is the best way I have found to remove sand and make sure we leave the beach at the beach!
  6. Turkish Towels.  Love that they are thin to pack and get kids dry quickly.
  7. Sand Toys. This is my go to sand toy for the season. Imagination play even at the beach!
  8. Wet and Dry Bag. I do my best to keep wet and dry clothes separate. Everyone going home in dry clothes is the goal!
  9. Soft side cooler. The amount of applesauce packets, fresh fruit, water bottles for kids and sparkling water for me, I can fit into this bag is AMAZING!
  10. Simple Spray Bottle. It’s important to make sure no one overheats. A few misting sprays helps everyone to keep their cool!

Want more from Jenny and her sweet boys?  Check her out at @mamafreshchi Instagram and Facebook!

photo credits: Nicollete Nunez, Jenny LeFlore personal

Stay tuned for more sun safety and be sure to tune in on Wednesday, June 23 for a special edition of Meet the Brands with Coppertone – live on Facebook!

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