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WIMDB Beach Bag Edition with Veena Crownholm

By Nicolas Ratelis

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Meet Veena of @veenacrownholm, a Boulder-based mom to two sons, Eddie, 10, and Max, 10 months,  is really doing it all!  A television, lifestyle, and parenting expert with a  focus on diy, crafts, cooking, family, entertainment, and beauty, Veena should be on your must follow list.  


Photo credit: Katee Grace

Now that summer is here we asked Veena shared with us what’s in her BEACH BAG.  And what beach bag is complete without sunscreen?  Coppertone, a proud partner of BCB and one of Veena’s faves, is here for all your sun care needs with their line of Pure and Simple sunscreens.

Ok Veena, whats your go to bag?

Diaper bag: I am loving going back and forth between a backpack and a stroller organizer!  Backpack for the days when we are out and about all day long and the stroller organizer for days when we are out for quick adventures – loving the ones that fit on the stroller but can also be worn like a fanny pack or crossbody!

1. Diapers!  I look for diapers that have a subscription so I never have to think about ordering them.  My sensitive skin babe does best in bamboo so I hunt for those ones too to know my baby’s skin is as protected and comforted as possible.

2. Wipes!  But not just any wipes…we prefer any wipe that proves to have as few ingredients as possible. Free of all the bad stuff you don’t want touching your babies skin and we use them for everything.
3. Pouches: always have to have snacks ready to go so we love having these on hand.  We found some great flavors – think wild rumpus and apples and greens. Both my 10 yr old and 10mo old love them!
4. Always an extra set of clothes (onesie and sweatshirt)! Soft is a must and being prepared will always save you.  You never know when it going to be chilly.
5. Headphones: I love popping in my ear pods so when I’m out walking the babyin a stroller or he happens to fall asleep I can listen to a podcast or audible book
6. Baby Carrier: I never leave home without it! We baby wear a lot! Our’s is durable, washes well and we use it daily!
7. Sunscreen: you never know when you need and we love the Coppertone Pure and Simple SPF 50 sunscreen lotion. EWG approved, hypoallergenic which is huge for us, made from Zinc oxide and reef safe.
8. Coconut Oil: we use it for everything! From a soothing balm, chapped lips, diaper rash, massage oil…always have it!
9. Manual Breast Pump: you never know when you are going to be engorged and the baby is sleeping so I always have a hand pump and bottle ready for it.
10. Swaddle and Bandana Bibs: I use the swaddle to cover Max in a stroller, overmy baby carrier as sun protection and nursing cover. The bandana bibs are so cute and necessary for my baby led weaning kid!
11. Some sort of toy for on the go: anything from a little musical instrument (like egg shakers) to to teething toys to rings. Something to keep my little one busy
12. Non spilling cup and a snack cup.   We keep around cups that are easy to drink out of and are spill proof! Mom Win! A snack catcher is always a winner too. I generally strap both of these to the outside of my bag to save space!
13. Water Bottle! As a breastfeeding mama I always have a TON of water for me! I look for a bottle that fits on the side of my diaper bag, is super insulated and keeps ice cold for forever!

Want more from Veena and her adorable family?  Check her out at @veenacrownholm on Facebook and Instagram!

Stay tuned for more sun safety and be sure to tune in on Wednesday, June 23 for a special edition of Meet the Brands with Coppertone – live on Facebook!

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