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Return of the Road Trip sponsored by UPPAbaby

By Emily Prawda Weiss
This post is brought to you by UPPAbaby 


Summer time is family time and hopefully for many of you that means a fantastic summer road trip!  From installation to proper fit, and when to transition, UPPAbaby’s Child Passenger Safety Technician and mom of three, Daniella Brown, highlights important safety tips when traveling.


1. On the Go: I feel like running around is something we are constantly doing as parents. I always make sure my stroller and other items are secure in my trunk area (so they are not a projectile in the event of a crash). It is my rule-of-thumb that baby is always fastened per the manufacturer’s instructions whether they are in a vehicle or on a stroller in their car seat. UPPAbaby Travel Tip: The MESA carrier has UPF extendable canopy, so I always had it extended in the car or going on walks with the car seat on the stroller when my girls were younger. Depending on the direction of the sun, I loved being able to switch them to face rear or forward while using my stroller!   

*Tips for On-The-Go: 

  • Always fasten baby in the car seat while in the vehicle or on the stroller. 
  • The MESA extendable canopy keeps your little one protected from the sun in the car or on the stroller. 

2. Air Travel: When it comes to air travel, I always recommend bringing your car seat on board and purchasing your child a seat so they can be properly restrained. I suggest parents reach out to their airline to check the dimensions of the aircraft seat to ensure that their car seat can be secured safely. UPPAbaby Travel Tip: The MESA carrier and the KNOX Convertible Car Seats are both approved for airline travel! (Note: The MESA base and ALTA are not approved for airline travel)  

 *Tips for Air Travel:  

  • Purchase a seat to properly restrain your baby during travel. 
  • The MESA Infant Car Seat carrier is approved for air travel, not the base. 
  • Before heading to the airport, contact your airline to ensure the car seat will fit. 

3. Car Travel – I remember our first family trip – I think I overpacked! Just like adults, children need to stretch out their bodies after a long ride. My husband and I planned stops before we would start our adventure and take breaks as we needed them. Even when our girls were babies and toddlers, they need to stretch their little bodies! We never used our car seat as a sleeping device for our girls. We always traveled with our Bassinet or Pack N’ Play since they were both approved for safe sleep. UPPAbaby Travel Tip: UPPAbaby follows the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for safe sleep. You can find information here. 

 *Tips for Car Travel:  

  • Just like adults, children need to stretch out as well. Stop and take frequent breaks! 
  • UPPAbaby follows the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for safe sleep guidelines. 

4. Rideshare/Rental Car– As someone that frequently travels for her job, I use rideshare and rental cars a lot. There were times when I had to travel with my two youngest daughters along with my mom in tow. I am so thankful for carrier-only install as an option – yes that’s right, you can travel with just your carrier! Traveling without the base and that extra added weight was a game changer! UPPAbaby Travel Tip: To learn how to do carrier-only install, please reach out to me here to book a virtual appointment. I’ll teach you how to identify the locking mechanism in your vehicle belt to aid in a secure install. 

* Tips for Ride Share/Rental Car Travel:  

  • Schedule a Virtual Car Seat Check with Daniella to learn how to do a carrier only install when using a rental car or rideshare service 

5. International Travel – When traveling internationally, always check to see if the car seat you currently have can be used in the country you are heading to. Sometimes vehicle belts and regulations are different in other countries. UPPAbaby Travel Tip: If you aren’t sure or need some guidance, feel free to reach out to me at carseat@uppababy.com for advice.   

*Tips for International Travel:  

  •  Before traveling, always check to see if your car seat is approved in the country you are visiting. 
  • Have questions or concerns about traveling abroad with your car seat? Reach out to Daniella at carseat@uppababy.com for more information. 


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