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Baby’s First “Stroll” Through the Airport – Sponsored by UPPAbaby

By Isabella Zorrilla
This post is brought to you by UPPAbaby 


Flying by yourself is hard. But flying with a baby? Traveling during the pandemic already generates stress as it is. We’re already keeping it all together with one hair tie, two crumpled masks in the pocket, and 3 outfits that accidentally turn into 35 outfits. When you’re already overloaded with suitcases and headed to the airport, it can be easy to get caught up in the “baggage”. However from parking to sitting on the plane, having the right car seat and stroller for your baby can make a BIG difference!

Your trip is here! All the bags are packed. You’re ready to enjoy your first trip with baby. Or visit family who haven’t seen the baby since they arrived. This is when UPPAbaby has got you covered step-by-step stress-free from the car to plane:

1. This is how we roll! Now that your car is packed with everything you and baby need, including your VISTA or CRUZ stroller, it’s time to bring the baby to the car using your carrier. 


The MESA infant car seat is designed with cutting-edge innovations you can appreciate and your baby will love. To minimize error, the MESA is the only infant car seat assembled with a tightness indicator and self-retracting LATCH connectors for fast, accurate and easy installation. Saving you from worrying about your baby’s seat moving during your ride, an indicator window changes from red to green for visual confirmation that the base has been installed correctly every time.


With many accessories you are able to adjust, the MESA makes for a comforting experience as it’s integrated design keeps your infant’s head stationary during your ride at all times. As well as includes adjustable straps, chemical free fabrics, and not to mention many color options. 


2. You all have arrived at the airport! While getting baby uninstalled from the base, The MESA Infant Car Seat attaches directly to both VISTA and CRUZ strollers with many functional adjustments: Height adjustable canopy, extra large easy-access basket, and complimentary colors. 

Achieving ultimate portability and safety, UPPABaby’s MESA Infant Car Seat paired with the VISTA or CRUZ stroller delivers a Performance Travel System perfect for air travel needs. 

  • UPPABabyTravelTip: Don’t want to bring your baby’s car seat base? Can’t bring the baby’s car seat base with you? Some airlines do not approve of car seat bases due to them being too l. The MESA Infant Car Seat carrier is approved for air travel, however according to certain airlines the base is not. Without using the base, you can get a tight and secure installation for your baby’s car seat using just the seat belt. This is what makes UPPABaby so great their standby service to help you to install your carriers. To schedule a virtual car seat check to learn how to master the carrier-only install when there is no base present. 

Stroll through the airport in style. All with a one-handed recline, The VISTA or CRUZ stroller allows for a multi-position recline fold, and accessories to ensure parents are able to keep moving forward with confidence.

3. Finally to the gate! If you’re checking your car seat and stroller at the gate, the UPPAbaby Travel Bag Accessory is recommended for air travel as your baby’s gear will be placed with other passenger baggage. By registering your gear and Travel Bag, UPPAbaby’s TravelSafe program covers any damage to your baby’s car seat and stroller during air travel. 


4. After a successful and peaceful flight (fingers crossed!) Finally you make it to the gate and are able to find your way to baggage claim. Simply retrieve your carrier and stroller, recline that baby, and you’re ready to go!


  • Tips for Air Travel : While the MESA base is not approved to fly, it can be important to understand how to install your carrier in the car without the base. For those who don’t have time to schedule a virtual walk through, check out UPPABaby’s instructional video here to further prepare yourself for all infant carrier situations. 

Hope you enjoyed these suggestions and be sure to save in order to refer back when you need it most!


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