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BCB Mom IRL: Sara Lyon

By Nicolas Ratelis


Sara Lyon is a supermom who doubles as an expert in all things baby and mother related. Sara focuses her passion towards helping others and spreading wisdom through her companies,  The Birth Deck , and Glow Birth and Body. With The Birth Deck and Glow Birth and Body, Sara strives to teach individuals who are supporting someone in labor by providing helpful material and resources! To learn more about Sara and her businesses, keep on reading! 

Name: Sara Lyon, Founder of The Birth Deck and Glow Birth and Body

Age: 38

Kid(s) and Ages:  Anya (8), James (4)

Where do you live? New York City

A little bit about yourself and your social media profile/account/blog/business, etc.  Basically tell us what your mission is!

With more than 15 years as a doula, birth educator and perinatal massage therapist, and after having two babies myself, I’m on a mission to equip people with the most effective toolbox for supporting someone in labor because WE CAN DO IT and I wish more of us knew that.

Come to @thebirthdeck for simple and effective birth support advice, realistic depictions of labor and suggestions for improving your birth experience overall. Head to @glowbirthandbody for that luxe women’s wellness vibe and coveted last-minute openings in our Chicago & Oakland studios that are usually booked up weeks in advance.


Work life (please tell us where you work, what you do, title, etc. If you have your own company, tell us about it.)

Glow Birth & Body is my first baby. Founded in 2010, Glow is a luxe massage therapy studio specializing in deep tissue prenatal massage therapy and massage for women at any age & stage of life. We’ve seen over 12,000 clients in our award-winning Chicago (Roscoe Village) and Oakland, CA locations.

Meanwhile, I’m also at The Birth Deck teaching folks all over the world about labor and birth support from a practical, no-nonsense perspective that makes effective comfort techniques approachable for absolutely anyone. I just released my second book, You’ve Got This: Your Guide to Getting Comfortable with Labor, published by The Collective Book Studio, and it’s been incredible to get feedback from OBGYNs, L&D nurses, midwives and doulas raving about the impactful content. Hopefully this information helps improve birth experiences long into the future.

What would someone be surprised to learn about you?

I’m not a baby person. I’m a mom person, a birth person, a postpartum person, but I’m not a baby person, even with my own kids. Don’t get me wrong, I adored my kids as babies, even enjoyed elements of the baby phase, but as my kids are getting older I’ve learned that I appreciate the psychological and social work of parenting older children vs. the physical work of babyhood. Luckily, I worked with new moms for a decade before having my own kids, so I already knew that this is a common (though seldom revealed) feeling and thus didn’t feel shame or doubt around it.

How do you balance it all?  Do you have any #momhacks to share that makes this easier?

Therapy and daycare. Not trying to find the perfect fix for every single struggle. Trust that the solution is probably just time and child development. When I stopped exhaustively searching for the right organizational product, scheduling app and dinner box subscription service, I realized that a lot of those needs evaporated with whatever phase my kids were in. Even when I found the holy grail of toy bins, it didn’t quell the madness like good old ACCEPTANCE. This is a messy phase of life, let it be so.

Talk to us about mom guilt…do you have it?  How do you combat it?

Aboslutely! I travel a ton for work – I’m in Chicago a couple times a month and in California many times a year. I’ve discovered that my “guilt” is really adrenaline triggered by my primal mother brain. Now, as I describe this, remember that I’m a body person, I’m a massage therapist and a doula who loves deciphering the mind-body connection:

My personal brand of mom guilt comes from more than unmet expectations, it comes from the chemicals that my Mother Brain emits when I’m away from my kids for a long time. The amygdala is constantly scanning for threat, so being away from my kids really makes me feel out of sorts, like I’m waiting for something bad to happen but I don’t know what. I have to weigh that feeling against the total and utter glee that comes with actualizing my professional and creative goals, or meeting up with my college girlfriends for a weekend. It’s almost always worth it.

What’s at least one regular family routine you have implemented to keep your family running smooth (i.e. family dinner time every night, family meeting every Sunday night etc)?

Friday dinner. While we try to have dinner together every night, it’s just not always possible with our work schedules. Every Friday night, we light candles and call in some of the cultural traditions that have been passed down through our Jewish heritage. Our kids are invited to start lighting the candles when they turn three – this was an exciting milestone for them. Doing something weekly marks time in a way that kids can see and feel.

Who is in your mom tribe and how did you meet them?

Wow, I am so very lucky because I’ve had moms as clients for over 15 years, so finding people was natural. In addition to the women I’ve met through work, my kids’ schools have been a deep well of rad moms. Then I’ve got my college friends, all of whom parent in similar ways and identify similarly with their motherhood – that makes conferring really satisfying and fun. But most unexpectedly, I have a group of four moms with whom I text and video chat on Marco Polo incessantly and I’ve only met one of them in real life. Welcome to 2021, folks.

What is one piece of advice for new moms that you wish someone told you before motherhood?

They grow out of it, and so do you.

When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do?

Focus is my love language, so any time I get unadulterated quiet, with no one else’s immediate needs in my viscinity, I like to read or write in bed (literally writing this in bed right now), or hike by myself.

What is the best part of your kids ages RIGHT NOW?

Anya’s advancing introspection and articulation of her observations; conversations are getting deep! James’s unbridled enthusiasm for absolutely anything out of his ordinary experience, and at four years old, that’s a LOT.

What do you miss most from pre-pandemic life?

The daft disbelief that something this mind-bendingly catastrophic could happen.

What are you most looking forward to when the pandemic is over?

Parties – they’re starting again and they are FUN. People are ready to get loose and I’m very much into that when vaccination rates make it safe.

What is the best thing to come out of the pandemic?

A reconnection with the importance of every single person in our communities, not just the ones you know personally. I’m talking about the barista and the Walgreen’s employee you used to see weekly, the lovely family you used to see at the playground regularly but never traded phone numbers with – it’s just so good to see the randoms again.

Is there anything else that you would like our audience to know about you?

Nope – Most of it’s here 😉



Last show you binged: Flack

Last book you read: The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

Go-To Family Dinner: Massaman chicken curry with broccoli & kelp noodles (my one and only mom hack and it SLAYS – they taste & look just like vermicelli)

Favorite Beverage: A paloma

Favorite Take out: Sushi

Favorite Dessert: Milk Bar cake truffles

Summer or Winter? Summer

Dream Vacation: Japan, two weeks, mountains, onsens, sushi, snowboarding, more onsen, more sushi, repeat.

#1 Beauty Product you can’t live without: The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

App you can’t live without on your phone: iMessage. Duh.


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