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Five Diaper Brands You Need to Know About

By Emily Prawda Weiss

When my girls were younger, there were two diaper brands I depended on to not sell out and at that time who knows what ingredients were inside? I wasn’t educated on the materials that were used for the diapers nor was it top of mind. Currently, there are more than 30 diaper brands on the market, many of which are organic, plastic-free, and free of any parabens, phalates, sulfates, too – I like to say, “no nasties.” Even the two diaper brands I relied upon for my daughters are producing diapers that are plant based and ingredient conscious. Below is a list of sustainable diapers that you want to add to your registries and include within your online orders:

  1. Honest Diapers: The first diaper brand to utilize a subscription option, these diapers have improved greatly over the years, and you can even donate at checkout! There’s something to be said about the 100% clean and transparent baby care company.
  2. Kudos Diapers: These diapers launched in 2021 and are 100% cotton, developed by MIT engineers (and moms!), 100% clean and you’ll feel good about using these for your babies as they won’t contribute to our earth’s landfill.
  3. Healthy Baby: Founded by Happy Baby founder Shazi Visram, Healthy Nest products include an entire infant care line that is sulfate, paraben, phalate free (disposable diapers are EWG-Verified). The brand surrounds itself with a team of parenting experts who offer tons of educational information within the brand’s site.
  4. Huggies: Tried and true Huggies entered the plant-based materials diaper category several years ago with its’ Special Delivery line and is still going strong. Dermatologist tested; these diapers are clinically proven hypoallergenic. Huggies was the first diaper brand to feature a dad on its packaging too.
  5. Pampers: Pampers Pure line is made with thoughtful ingredients including soft premium cotton and soft plant-based materials. The liner is made with shea butter which is super soft against baby’s skin.

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