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On the Go with a Toddler? Must-Have Pouches for your Diaper Bag

By Emily Prawda Weiss

I LOVE snack pouches for babies and toddlers, the ones that are made of mushed up fruits and vegetables. To me, snack pouches are a savior…always fresh smoothies that you don’t have to make yourself. Whether on the go in the stroller or thrown in your diaper bag so you are always with a healthy snack, pouches are always a home run.

When my girls were younger, I would buy pouches by the dozen at Whole Foods—usually the same couple of brands. Now, the selection is far greater, more sustainable ingredients and celebrity-backed too!

Below is a list of pouch brands that you’ll want to add to your cart, so you’re always prepared with a nosh for your little one (or yourself!).

  1. Plum Organics: Plum Organics has always been a go-to for me, I mean you know what you are purchasing when ‘Organic’ is in the name of the product! The food combinations include shelf stable quinoa, barley, oat, and granola, you know your baby will be nourished and full of these ingredients, not to mention the fruit and vegetables offered. You’ll also feel good about your purchase as the pouches are clear so you can see exactly what you are purchasing!
  2. Happy Family: A BCB and Weiss household fan favorite, Happy Baby crafts pouches that are USDA organic, non-gmo, no BPA, BPS, phthalates and includes combinations like black beans, beets, and bananas. Happy Family offers varieties for toddlers to big Kid too including pomegranate as a fruit option, very sophisticated for little palattes!
  3. Once Upon a Farm: If anything indicates ‘Immunity’ on the packaging, that product is going directly in my cart. Backed by Jennifer Garner, OUAF ingredients even include vegetables from Jennifer’s family farm in Oklahoma! From overnight oats to dairy-free smoothies, these farm to fridge pouches can be found in Target’s refrigerator aisle.
  4. Cerebelly: Cerebelly’s pouches were designed to enhance your baby’s brain development at each stage. Launched by scientist and mom Dr. Teresa Purzner, the early stages include Folate, Iron and DHA—all are brain enhancing nutrients. Partnering with Terra Cycle, Cerebelly offers a very easy recycling program.

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