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Small Business Spotlight: Swaddelini

By Mandi Kreisher

We are celebrating businesses we love here at BCB! Meet Liz Hilton from Swaddelini! Read our interview below to find out how she does it all.


Name: Liz Hilton

Name of company: Swaddelini

IG handle: @swaddelini

FB URL: Swaddelini | Facebook

Age: Swaddelini launched in August 2018 and the owner is 32

Kid(s) and Ages:  4 years (the baby who inspired the Swaddelini) 2 years (the baby who went viral 12 million views on tiktok) and one due May 30th

Where do you live/are you located? Holland, MI

How and why did you start your business?

I had a newborn baby who couldn’t sleep longer than 20 minutes. He did not like being restricted by swaddles and sleep sack but he loved the tight hug feeling. I had a 3d knit development business at the time and I thought I could use the same technology I use everyday to solve problems in industries like healthcare and office furniture, to solve my swaddling problems at home. And thus the Swaddelini was born.

When I put Thomas to sleep in the first prototype. My husband and I woke up in the morning, realizing we slept through the night, we rushed over to his crib and there he was, sleeping peacefully. My husband turned to me and said “Liz, you’re going to sell a million of these!”

And in that moment I knew this was going to be a lot of work. And it was!

When did you start your business? How has the pandemic affected it?

I started developing, refining and testing the idea in September of 2017. I launched August 2018. From Q1 to Q4 2019 I grew 305%. And in 2020 I lost everything because baby shows were my main source of revenue.

How might your business change when the pandemic is over (if at all)?

I managed to pivot (took a year) but I’m doing fine now. The only thing that could be better is the supply chain crisis. But I am an entrepreneur. I can adapt.

What would someone be surprised to learn about your business?

I make EVERY swaddle in my home. I will never outsource manufacturing because I know no one can do it better.

What is one piece of advice for new business owners that you wish someone told you beforehand?

Don’t go after big box retail. Amazon and Etsy are dead.


When you have time to yourself, what do you like to do that isn’t business related?

Something to do with water or mountains.

If you have children, how do you handle running your business and raising them? Any #parenthackstoshare?

Nannies!!! When you have more than 1 kid it is only slightly more per week to get a nanny. If you find a good one, they can help with household tasks. This has been life changing!

Do you have parent guilt? How do you combat it?

Absolutely not. I have no room in my life for guilt to have a seat at my table.

I may feel inadequate sometimes but never guilty. I am doing my best. I also know full well that I cannot show up for my kids as my best self if I am not showing up for myself first.




Last show you binged: Inventing Anna

Last book you read: Hypnobirthing

Go-To (Family) Dinner: Risotto

Favorite Beverage (Adults): I don’t discriminate against my libations

Favorite Take out: Thai

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate ice-cream

Summer or Winter? SUMMER

Thanks Liz for sharing with us. You can visit Swaddelini on Instagram and Facebook and let them know how much you enjoyed reading about them here at BCB!

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