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Baby-Proofing Your Backyard

By Mandi Kreisher

Summer is here and your to-do list is packed with projects to make the most out of your outdoor spaces. Whether you’re starting with a blank slate of green lawn, looking to expand seating areas, or adding a fun feature, you’ve got to do it with your whole family in mind.

If you have little ones now, or more on the way, your projects (and their results) will need to be child-compatible. Keep reading for tips and tricks to create safe spaces outside your home this summer.

Start Small

Some of the easiest hazards to avoid when creating a safe backyard for your kids are different types of old materials, shrapnel, or spare parts that might be found near your garage or fencing. Giving your yard a good sweep for metal or wood shards is a great place to begin, especially before any kind of mowing or string trimming. The debris could shoot out from the mower or dull its blades faster than normal.

Once you’ve given your yard a good lookover – especially if you live in a more crowded neighborhood – you’ll want to consider fencing in your property or repairing what’s already there. Vinyl is considered a more child-friendly fencing material and is a low maintenance and durable option compared to those that might splinter or chip.


Choose Manageable Projects

Between the natural busyness of raising a family, celebrating the summer season, and trying to juggle projects in a supply chain delay, a big contributor to your child’s safety can simply be completing your chosen endeavor. If you want to install a deck, make sure that any areas your child could fall from are secure during and after the build. If you want to add lighting throughout your backyard and walkways, wires should be attached, insulated, and properly mounted to avoid tripping or weather damage.

For any financially daunting projects that’ll root your family to your home long-term, it might be worth looking into 30 year refinancing rates to give your budget more ease upfront. These kinds of fixed payments mean that your mortgage will never be a surprise amount, allowing you to allocate proper funds towards making your house a home and putting value back into it. You’ll be raising a family here and can invest in them with less worry about the future.

Be Attentive to Details

Similar to keeping the inside of your home safe for your child, there are a few core reminders important for every parent when outside with their little ones. Your child should always be attended, especially close to stairs, pools, animal fencing or fire pits. Baby gates and corner pads are excellent, temporary features for sharp edges or potential fall spots that still allow them to toddle and explore. Pool and yard gates should remain closed and locked at all times, and surfaces like tar driveways should be avoided on hot days to prevent burns on young skin.

If you have any patches of weeds or natural overgrowth in your yard, you’ll want to get to it before your curious kid does. Check around and remove any unsafe plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, stinging nettle, and thistles, none of which would be kind to a little explorer or any pets you may have. Securing smaller details like these can often mean the difference between a short-lived excursion outside or an easy day enjoying all that your backyard has to offer.

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