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Mom IRL “Where are they now?”: Tara Clark

By Mandi Kreisher

We are “re-celebrating” moms we love here at BCB!

The last time we spoke with Tara she was up to all of this, keep reading to see what she is up to now!



Tara Clark

-Kid(s) and Ages (If applicable):

One, a 9 year old son

-IG handle:




-Where do you live/are you located?

Closter, NJ

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand/account/blog/business, etc.  Basically tell us what your mission is!

I’m an author, content creator, mother, and the Founder of Modern Mom Probs.

I began my career at Nickelodeon, overseeing social media for Nick Jr. and Nick@Nite. After becoming a mom and recognizing a hole in the online space for moms to authentically connect, I used my social media skill-set to launch Modern Mom Probs in 2017.

My mission is to support women through the trials and tribulations of modern-day motherhood, normalizing taboo topics through empathy and a good laugh. With a focus on honesty, relatability, and humor, I candidly share experiences, creating an inclusive environment for all mothers to feel seen, heard, and connected. My brand is a go-to resource for modern moms.

I published my first parenting book, “Modern Mom Probs: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers” in April of 2021. It’s available wherever books are sold online. As an advocate for maternal mental health support, I held the honor of being the 2021 Spokesperson of The Blue Dot Project, the national symbol for maternal mental health survivor-ship, support, and solidarity.

In late 2021, I launched Modern Mom Style Box, a clothing rental subscription service that gives members access to unlimited styles for one flat monthly fee.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Villanova University and an MBA from Metropolitan College of New York in Media Management.

-Where are you now? We last spoke with here you in March of 2020. How have things changed for you? What is new?

Wow! The world sure looks different from March 2020. Right?

Since that time, I published a book called “Modern Mom Probs: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers.” I launched a clothing rental subscription service called Modern Mom Style Box, and I launched my new Modern Mom Probs podcast.

So in addition to all of the craziness and virtual schooling that was going on in March of 2020, I still managed to keep myself pretty busy since then.

-What would someone be surprised to learn about you/ your specialty?

I think one thing that people would be surprised is that I am a one-woman team. I do have an incredible and amazing virtual assistant who manages my website and newsletter, but for the most part I handle my day-to-day business by myself.



-How do you balance it all?  Do you have any #momhacks/ #parenthacks to share that makes this easier?

I often talk about crushing the notion of work life balance and then prefer to use the term effectiveness. Are we being effective in our roles? When I am fulfilling my role as a mother, I am all in on that and when I am fulfilling my role as a business owner, I try to be as effective as possible during that time. I try to have clear “work hours” (9am-3pm) and “family time.” Since I work from home, it doesn’t always work that way, and sometimes it gets a little blurred but I’m trying the best that I can.

As far as #momhacks, I schedule everything out in my Google calendar so I know what tasks I need to complete and when. I block to-do’s by time frame. Of course, sometimes meetings or tasks take longer than anticipated, but if things aren’t in my calendar, I’ll never remember to do them. On my podcast, I interviewed an organization expert who said to use a paper planner to look at your entire week at a glance, instead of having to scroll back and forth on a phone.

-Do you have parent guilt? How do you combat it?

I used to have a lot more of it when my son was younger. As he’s grown and I’ve grown as a parent, I seem to feel it less. It may come with experience or a mindset shift of letting things go. I’m much more relaxed as a mother now than I was when my son was a toddler. Back then I was a ball of nerves…about everything.

-What’s at least one regular family routine you have implemented to keep your family running smooth (i.e. family dinner time every night, family meeting every Sunday night etc)?

One thing that I try to implement each day, which doesn’t always work out, is walking on my treadmill while I scroll Instagram. Since I’m going to scroll my phone anyway, it makes more sense for me to get those steps in at the same time. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re scrolling!

Every Friday night, my husband and I order takeout from a local Vietnamese restaurant. We get the same exact meal every time and then we all watch television together. It’s a very comforting tradition.

-Who is in your mom/parent tribe and how did you meet them?

Believe it or not, my mom tribe is mostly online. Although I do have some good friends IRL, I tend to think of my Instagram friends as my mom tribe. We have gotten very close over the past few years, even though they live all over the world. I’m grateful for my friends IRL and my IG ones.

-What is one piece of advice for new parents that you wish someone told you before parenthood?

My one piece of advice? I wrote an entire book about it so I can definitely speak to that. My one piece of advice is go easy on yourself. You can’t do all of the things for all of the people all of the time. I often wish I could go back and tell my new-mom self not to worry as much as I did. It was a waste of time. Everything is going to be ok.

Also, ORDER TAKEOUT when the baby is born.

-What is the best part about your kids ages RIGHT NOW?

Right now my son is 9, and I love this age! I’ve loved the ages 7-9 because sometimes you can catch a glimpse of your child and still see the sweet baby face they had when they were toddlers. They are truly “tweens” here.  They need you for certain things, like a snuggle or Robux. Then at the same time they’re independent enough to get their own snacks or read a book on the couch alongside you (one of my favorite things).

-What is one product you can’t live without? It can be anything for yourself or the family.

I often joke that my favorite material object is my Jura coffee machine. In the event of an emergency, I would grab my son in one arm and my Jura in the other arm.


-Why did you start your business?

I launched Modern Mom Style Box, a clothing rental subscription service that allows members to create a virtual wardrobe of versatile outfits the busy modern mom needs, providing options that allow moms to elevate their wardrobe, increase confidence and save time doing it.

My purpose is two-fold.

1.) It’s a solution for a modern mom problem- what to wear. Moms have enough stuff on their plate to have to worry about what to wear to work, running errands or anything their busy schedule throws their way.  Modern Mom Style Box aims to eliminate the days of grabbing the same shirt at the top of the laundry pile on the way out the door. Pairing fashion with function, Modern Mom Style Box offers everyday staples and today’s trends, giving busy moms a chance to try new styles in an easy and affordable way.

Members have access to a virtually bottomless closet that makes it easy to wear new clothes all month long without any stress or commitment. From seasonal staples to statement pieces, they can rent unlimited looks for just one flat fee of $60/month.

2.) Rental clothing services help the environment. Fast fashion is a real issue when it comes to waste, as the fast fashion garments are designed to fall apart. Where do these garments go? Landfills. Employing the practices of “slow fashion,” which includes renting our clothes, buying secondhand and fixing damaged clothes rather than throwing them away alleviates some of this waste.

-When did you start your business?

Modern Mom Style Box launched in September 2021.

-What would someone be surprised to learn about your business?

We feature clothes from popular brands, such as Ann Taylor, French Connection, Express, Banana Republic and more.

-What is one piece of advice for new business owners you wish someone told you beforehand?

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. Websites like Fiverr are very helpful when you are stuck on a task that is taking longer than it should, like web design.

-If you have children, how do you handle running your business and raising them?

I try my hardest to work between drop-off and pick-up. On the occasion I do have to finish work when my son is home, we engage in parallel play on our devices. He will play a game on his tablet while I finish up work on my laptop. We sit side-by-side at our kitchen table or breakfast bar to enjoy each other’s company.


Last show you binged: Ms. Marvel on Disney + (I’m a huge fan of the MCU.)

Last book you read: City of Likes by Jenny Mollen (It’s about influencer culture in NYC.)

Go-To Family Dinner: Tacos (My husband loves tacos and my son loves quesadillas.)

Favorite Beverage: Coffee from my Jura and water. (Drink water and mind my business.)

Favorite Take out: Vietnamese food from Ma Mi

Favorite Dessert: Crumb cake

Dream Vacation: Too many places to name! Places on my “next trip” list: Sicily, Norway, Wales, Iceland, Alaska (I’m going through a “cold” vacation phase.)

Your top 5 fave podcasts:

  • Good Inside with Dr. Becky
  • Co-Sleeping and Coffee
  • Mimialist Moms
  • Raising Good Humans
  • Mimosas with Moms

-Anything else you would like to share?

I invite your readers to listen to my podcast to not only learn a little bit more about me, but to hear insightful experts speak on topics tackling modern mom problems. It’s funny, it’s informative and they’ll really enjoy it!

*Photo Credit: Lauren Anzevino

Thanks Tara for sharing with us Tata!

You can visit Tara on Instagram and Facebook and let her know how much you enjoyed reading about her here at BCB!

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