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Travel Tips with Mommy Blogger Kira Paran

By Mandi Kreisher

We are celebrating moms we love here at BCB!

Meet mommy blogger Kira Paran, mother of two, Disney enthusiast and your go to mom for everything travel related.



Kira Paran

-Kid(s) and Ages:

Alastair 8, Harper 5

-IG handle:




-Where do you live/are you located?

Edmonton Alberta Canada

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand/account/blog/business, etc.  Basically tell us what your mission is!

When I first started out blogging over a decade ago my mission was to use clothing from my closet instead of constantly buying fast fashion. Once I had children blogging and social media morphed into a lifestyle brand which I now carry on today. The main focus is a community of like-minded individuals that enjoy travel, chic affordable home decor, beauty product finds and functional fashion. I love connecting with my followers and answering any questions that I can from our personal experience as a family.

-Work life:

Prior to children I worked as a therapist in a typical 9 to 5 job. But when I had my first Alastair, I decided to see if I could make blogging a full-time job. Fast forward several years and I’ve done that. I love the flexibility that being a content creator provides. I love being able to stay at home with my kids.

-What would someone be surprised to learn about you?

 I am an introvert in a very extravert driven industry. With that said I’m very open on Instagram about mental health and my challenges with anxiety. I really think that you can conquer anything when you have supports and you reach out for help.

-How do you balance it all?  Do you have any #momhacks/ #parenthacks to share that makes this easier?

Do you know when you hear the saying, it takes a village? For us as a family, it definitely does. I’m lucky enough to have my parents close by who support us and all her adventures.

-Talk to us about mom guilt, do you have it?  How do you combat it?

Every once in a while the mom guilt creeps in. I usually feel anxious about how fast my kids are growing up and if I am truly utilizing that time. I just try to remind myself to be in the moment and enjoy each phase they grow through.




-Why did you start your blog?

To change from a structured 9 to 5, to a flexible schedule so I could stay home with the kids.

-When did you start your blog?

When my first child was born.

-What would someone be surprised to learn about your business?

I’m a one women show!

-What is one piece of advice for new business owners you wish someone told you beforehand?

Take the chance and stop waiting for the perfect time.

-If you have children, how do you handle running your business and raising them?

I try to include the family as much as possible in my content.

Last show you binged:

What We Do in the Shadows

Last book you read:

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Go-To Family Dinner:

Pasta in all shapes and forms of sauce

Favorite Beverage:

Iced Coffee

Favorite Take out:


Favorite Dessert:

Crème Brûlée

Dream Vacation:

Anything Disney park related


Top 5 must haves for traveling with kids:

1) Mifold booster car seat 

It is the smallest foldable booster seat. It fits in my purse! Perfect if you end up taking an Uber back to the hotel from dinner. Or just not having to lug big seats through an airport.

2) Amazon Fire kids tablet 

Comes with a kid proof case, and your first year of the Amazon’s kid approved content platform. Games, videos and book.

3) Zolli Pops

The after you eat treat for a healthy smile! Found these on sale at Homesense (like home goods). The suckers taste great and the clean teeth as they help promote a healthy PH level in your mouth.

4) Swim Zip UV protective clothing 

Bathing suits and accessories for the whole family, adults included. Love these functional and affordable styles.

5) VEER cruiser wagon 

We loved this all terrain wagon. Push and pull! We used it for park dates, farmers markets and even trick or treating! It holds tons of stuff. Just note, Disney parks have banned the use of all wagons unfortunately.

5 of your favorite kid friendly vacation spots:

1) Disneyland

2) Disney World

3) Palm Springs

4) Maui

5) Victoria, British Columbia

Thanks Tara for sharing with us Kira!

You can visit Kira on Instagram and Facebook and let her know how much you enjoyed reading about her here at BCB!

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