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Abbe’s Top Five Podcasts

By Mandi Kreisher


I LOVE podcasts, so much so that I forget that we had upgraded to Serious XM radio in our car!  There are a few I won’t mention because I am embarrassed to admit I listen to them, but with great pride I give you my top 5.  These are my go-to’s, they give me what I need when I need it. I encourage you to give a listen. You can thank me later 😉

In no particular order:


Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino

Ok, so I went to high school with Danny!  Would he remember me?  Likely not, but I like to think/hope maybe if he flipped through the yearbook he’d remember?  Anyway, for any Bravo fans out there, this is the podcast for you.  Danny recaps Housewives, Southern Charm, Summer House, all the faves.  He has a hilarious way of making note of the things you definitely want to dish about after you watch the episodes.  He is witty, smart, quick, and has a way with words and phrases.  He refers to men’s shirts as blouses and I will never tire of hearing that.  And his Countess LuAnn impression is beyond.  He just published his first book and he lets us in on some of the most heartwarming stories of his youth and beyond.  Lots of love for this one.


Betches Moms – but its ending 

I am so sad as I just learned this podcast is coming to an end!  As a proud millennial and follower of the Betches media group, I have learned to love this podcast!  It is real mom talk. Aleen and Brittany are 1st and 2nd time moms of a similar demographic to me.  Their parenting woes, highs, lows are so incredibly relatable.  I often feel like I could jump through the phone and be on live with them.  I’m excited to see how the podcast transforms as they close this chapter and start anew.



This podcast is a crowd pleaser – aka my husband and I can BOTH enjoy this one and we listen on our car rides to Cleveland!  The friendship between Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett is one you want in on! Their banter makes you feel like you are in on their friendship.  These 3 bring incredible guests to the show from former presidents, to actors, to singers and more.  But I say it every time, even with no guest I would listen.  They are funny and so self-deprecating and such an easy listen.


Armchair Expert

Who knew Dax Shepard would simply nail it as an interviewer?  He is raw, authentic, and interesting.  Syncing up with his kids’ former nanny, Monica, this duo is insightful and shows strength and humility each and every episode.  All of these interviews are thought provoking, interesting and have greater depth than just your average PR hit for whatever celebs are promoting at the moment.


Dear Found Her…

BCB’s founder Lindsay Pinchuk interviews female entrepreneurs and sheds light on successes, failures, and bumps in the road.  This podcast is so inspiring.  I find great motivation and learn a lot from all of Lindsay’s guests.  Its fun to see our founder (and my former boss) take her expertise and share it with the world in a new way!

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