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Sydney’s September Self-Care Products

By sydney.rottman@bumpclubandbeyond.com


Top 5 Self-Care Products I am loving this month

Self-care is my favorite hobby. I have rounded up five of my favorite products that take minimal time and effort to enjoy (hi mommas) so you too can show yourself some love. These are my tried and true, not sponsored recommendations. Let us know @bumpclubandbeyond if you give any a try!


  1. Face Ice Roller

This has become my second favorite part of my morning ritual (hi coffee, you’re still my #1) I keep it in the freezer overnight and treat myself in the morning. This magic roller boosts circulation and restores radiance, plus it feels AMAZING and is sure to help wake you up.


  1. Oil diffuser

The quickest and cheapest way to feel like you are at a spa. I am obsessed with my essential oil diffuser and love to switch up the scents depending on the season, or time of day. Starting the morning with an orange, energy boosting sent and going into the evening with calming lavender and eucalyptus- sign me up!


  1. Under-eye patches

These things are my holy grail. I love to put these on while I have my morning coffee, do my hair or pick out an outfit for the day. The easiest way to erase dark circles and leave you feeling slightly more awake and refreshed. Plus, they’re cute!


  1. The Five Minute Journal

The past few years have been tough, and I have been on the hunt to find simple ways to be mindful and practice gratitude. This five-minute journal has been such a great vehicle to get me started on practicing reflection in gratitude, allowing me to decompress from my day and really reflect on what’s important. I have found the daily prompts keep me accountable!


  1. Guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures

Well, we all have our vices don’t we?! A huge part of my self-care routine is also about doing things I love to do. Whether it’s binging real housewives of Beverly Hills (or any Bravo show for that matter), eating my favorite sweets, taking a nap, or taking a Pilates class, I make time every single day for myself and I never feel guilty about it.

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