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5 Organic Ways To Pass The Time With Your Kids

By sydney.rottman@bumpclubandbeyond.com

If you’re a parent, you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to constantly invent new ways to entertain your kids — especially now. After so many hours spent playing with their same toys, your kids may become restless and irritated, which is never fun for anyone. 

At Naturepedic, we care about the health and safety of your family, which is why it’s our mission to educate parents and support them in leading an organic lifestyle at home. 

As such, we’ve come up with five creative and holistic activities to help you pass the time with your little rascals. Who knows — by doing these activities, you and your family may even learn a thing or two about the environment and healthy living in the process!

Have a movie marathon in bed

It’s no secret that kids spend a lot of time in front of screens. But how much time do you spend as a family watching movies or streaming TV shows? Instead of heading off to separate rooms at night to watch something alone, plan a fun movie marathon in bed on your family-sized, organic mattress. Depending on the film that your family chooses to watch, you can all dress up in themed costumes. Or, you can stick to the typical pajama party and snuggle up together in your comfiest sleepwear. Make it extra special with organic snacks, like our Kid Friendly Fruit Snacks or organic candy from clean brands like YumEarth and Enjoy Life (available at Target!)

Plant a veggie garden

What better way to pass the time than with an activity that benefits both your kids and your kitchen!? If you’ve never asked for your kids’ help in the garden, now is the time. Planting a veggie garden as a family is a great way to teach your little ones a thing or two about the benefits of nature. Start by planting a few seeds, and have the kids water them each day. Before long, you’ll have plenty of organic produce or herbs to use in your kitchen! Showing your kids this process will teach them about nature, using their hands, and embracing the natural world. Plus, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as eating what you’ve grown in your organic garden!

Bake some organic treats

Whether you’re preparing for your movie marathon or just want to spend the afternoon baking as a family, there are many ways to involve the kids in the kitchen in a way that’s fun for everyone. Nowadays, there are thousands of recipes online that are tagged as “organic,” and doing a quick search of what you’re all craving will be sure to set you on the right path to bakery goodness.

Certain companies even offer organic baking kits for kids that can make things extra fun! Let your little ones help with each step of the recipe — from measuring the ingredients to decorating the finished product. Check out our blog’s recipes archive for some of our favorite deliciously organic treats!

Design a nature treasure hunt

Want to keep the whole family entertained for hours? Separate into teams and design a fun-filled treasure hunt! Create a list of little treasures that are found in nature for the other team to find. You can even go as far as to create riddles or clues for each item, which can add an educational or brain-bending element to the hunt. Let the kids run wild! If you make the treasure hunt a little tricky, this can even be a constructive activity for your child’s resilience and self- reliance. Plus,  it’s also a great way to get everyone outside.

Experiment with nature-based arts and crafts

A final idea to pass the time as a family is to take part in a bit of arts and crafts! Instead of relying on the usual crafts like coloring or painting, though, you can get creative by choosing nature-based artistic activities. One idea is to take your favorite flowers from the garden or store and make pressed-flower placemats!

This is an awesome way to make your kitchen table feel like springtime all year long. You can also create nature bracelets with just some masking tape and scissors! With a piece of masking tape wound around your wrists, you can let the kids run around outside and fill up their nature bracelet with flowers, pebbles, and leaves. Hang it on the fridge or bulletin board after your bracelets are complete! Armed with these fun-filled organic activities, your entire family can enjoy spending time together whether in bed, in the kitchen, or outdoors.

Originally written by the Naturepedic team. 
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