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What is in Abbe’s Diaper Bag?

By Mandi Kreisher

We run this piece often, taking a sneak peek what’s in some of our favorite moms’ diaper bags so I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my diaper bag!  After a year of doing this whole parenting thing I do think I can shed some light on a few must haves!

First of all, big shout out to my current bag by Mina Baie.  I love it!  It is so chic and does not look like a clunky, cheesy diaper bag.  You can wear it cross body, should strap or even as a backpack.  I also will always love my TWELVElittle camo bag – but my husband stole that one from me.  Glad he’s happy 😉

Ok, so as for what’s a must inside the bag right now, aside from diapers and wipes of course, here you go…

Nellie is currently testing our limits with eating.  It’s fairly clear that she can make any mealtime into a snacking opportunity instead. Hello Goldfish, Veggie Straws and more.  But I love to keep Happy Baby pouches (from Happy Family Organics- a fave brand) with me to sneak in some veggies and fruit too!  Their Clearly Crafted Pouches are free of any filler ingredients – real food, in a clear pouch so I can see exactly what she is eating.  And she is currently obsessed with the Cerebelly snack bars.  Cerebelly was first introduced to me by a friend, and as I watched her son inhale a snack bar I knew I needed to add these to the pantry.

When she is eating, she’s big into feeding herself so I make sure to keep a spoon with me.  Even if no food makes it onto the spoon it definitely provides great practice and a good playful distraction at the table.  Since her first bite of food at 6mos we have been using the ezpz tiny spoon.

Colder Weather Clothes – Now that the gorgeous sunny days of summer are gone (I’m still holding out hope for one more random day of 75 degree weather) I make sure I have a few things to keep Nellie warm.  1. A beanie.  This was more fun when she was a tiny baby and couldn’t rip it off but when she does wear it,  its so so adorable.  We love this one from Rad/Tod.  2. A jacket. And currently obsessed with this fleece jacket!

Sunglasses – I don’t want to jinx us by typing this but… Nellie. Wears. Sunglasses.  She totally gets it that when its sunny she wants them on.  In the Target dollar section we scored adorable pineapple sunglasses but now I’ve got my eyes on some cute personalized ones from a local Chicago mom owned business, Strand.Up.

Toys – Indestructible books are a must.  She loves reading.  Having a clunky book is annoying so get yourselves some Indestructibles.  She can’t ruin it!  No amount of biting, ripping, throwing will tear this apart.  And the Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Stack is a current fave.  Building towers, playing with the pop it like feature, easy toy to occupy her busy self.

Whats in your diaper bag right now?  Let us know!

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