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Don’t miss out on Experiential Pop-Ups in your City!

By Emily Prawda Weiss

When I was a little girl, my grandpa and my mom would take me to indie shows in the West Village, museums on the Upper East Side and different happenings across New York City. I learned the NYC subway system and that entertainment via education was only a short train ride away from home. Growing up with so much culture, I sought it out no matter where I was, in high school, college, in my 20s, especially working at Time Out New York. When I had kids, I made and still make sure to schlep them to Broadway shows, festivals, and pop-up experiential events so they can also know that culture can be easily accessed no matter where they are. Living in NYC, we’re fortunate that many opportunities open here, and I get to visit and keep my social accounts very active. Here are a few opportunities that I’ve visited recently:

RiseNY: This part-museum, part-ride experience makes you fall in love with New York City via nostalgia, experiential photo ops and a simulated subway train ride too. All the NYC hotspots are celebrated with pictures, information, and views from Broadway to Central Park to landmarked buildings that make NYC New York City. As a New York City resident or tourist, you don’t even realize how many impactful shows and movies were filmed in the most densely populated major city in the US! I went with some mom friends to enjoy RiseNY – there is a lot to read and learn, I suggest older kids would get the most out of this city adventure in Times Square. The most special part is the last part of RiseNY and you can’t even use your phone, it’s a ride I will never forget and have stored in my best NYC memories forever.

Wonderland Dreams: Throughout 26,000 square feet of whimsical art nodding to Alice in Wonderland inspiration, guests are treated to color overload in the best way possible with the best LIGHTING possible. I visited Wonderland Dreams on a somewhat rainy afternoon (great for pictures without anyone else in them!) with my both of my daughters, one of my daughter’s friends and her mom too. The girls wanted my friend and I to take pictures of them throughout the multitude of rooms where you can pretend you are at a tea party to several 2D and 3D themed spaces. There was even a blacklight room which made for a cool boomerang. We spent 90 minutes walking throughout the space, taking pictures, trying on hats, using the umbrellas and everything thing we picked up or modeled against was painted by Alexa Meade, where she envisioned that everyone is part of the art and that is exactly what happened. Kids of all ages will love this experience and a great way to spend a cold day indoors, surrounded by rainbows, art and your own imagination. And the best part is that everyone walks out with a deck of cards designed by Alexa Meade.

Monet’s Garden: The Immersive Experience: The same event producers conceived The ORIGINAL Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit wayyyy downtown in NYC last year and it was amazing. I heard about Monet’s Garden and knew that I would appreciate it just as much. As one of the first visitors to this part-museum, part-interactive experiential space, we had the privilege of walking around, learning, utilizing our updated Instagram app, and capturing it all while being fully immersed in Monet’s art, his life and learned so much about his history. I took my mom as we love these opportunities, we walked across the bridge, viewed, and appreciated the interactive projections and appreciated all the waterlilies which were the pinnacle of Monet’s career as an artist. This experience is geared more for older kids and adults yet there is a space where little ones can draw and get their Monet on, so it truly is a full family experience.

When these immersive events pop-up in your city, get tickets!

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