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Small Business Spotlight: Mylk Labs

By Mandi Kreisher

Not only do we celebrate moms we love here at BCB, but we also celebrate WOMEN who are doing awesome things!

Meet Grace Cheng from Mylk Labs!



Grace Cheng

-Name of company and year launched:

Mylk Labs, 2018

-IG handle:


-FB link:


-Where is your business based?

Los Angeles

-Tell us a little about yourself and your company:

Hi, I’m Grace–  a fashion model, first-time entrepreneur, and founder of Mylk Labs. While my background isn’t in food, my passion lies in using food as an avenue to give back to the community. Mylk Labs is a woman & minority owned start up that provides a healthy meal in minutes to nourish, energize and give back time to focus on more important things in life!

-What was your “aha” moment that made you decide to start your company?

Most people ask ‘Why Oatmeal out of all things?” and I don’t think anyone grows up dreaming of starting an oatmeal company because it’s really not the sexiest thing out there. However, amid my crazy life of modeling, business school and traveling, oatmeal was the one constant that got me through my busiest years. In fact, I’ve been eating it every day for almost a decade now!!

It was something I created for myself, but wanted to share the health, convenience and deliciousness with the world.

-What is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting a new business?

As cliché as this is…. Don’t give up!! It’s HARD being an entrepreneur but if you’re going to invest in anyone, it should be yourself. Put your all into it, so that you have no regrets and can look back and be proud of the work you did.



-When you have time to yourself, what do you do to unwind?

I love to take my dog out on a walk and clear my mind. I sit in front of a computer of 12 hrs a day so I definitely need some time “offline”

-What are a few of your “go to” products that make life a little easier?

I try to eat as many whole foods as possible so fruits are great for a mid-day pick me up and green tea for some antioxidants and energy. Oh, and we can’t forget Mylk Labs oatmeal 😉 Daily oatmeal is a ritual for me!



-Fave small biz accounts:


@pocketlatte —  www.pocketlatte.com



Last show you binged: Emily In Paris

Last book you read: $100M Offers

Favorite quick recipe: clean-out-the-fridge soup (literally how it sounds, haha)

Favorite beverage: jasmine tea

Go to take out: I hardly do take out! Mostly cook or date night out 😊

Favorite dessert: tiramisu


-Would you like to share a unique coupon code for the BCB community?

“BUMPCLUB15” for 15% off their first order – valid until 12/31/2023

Thanks for sharing with us Grace!

You can visit Mylk Labs on Instagram and let her know how much you enjoyed reading about her here at BCB!

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