Chicago Experts

It began in The Windy CIty, but Bump Club and Beyond now hosts events in over twenty cities across North America.


Meet our experts

Bump Club and Beyond works with only the best experts in their field to provide our community with the information and resources they need on the topics most important to them. Click their picture for more information on our experts. All of these experts can be found throughout the year at BCB events in and around Chicago. For information on how and why we choose these experts, click here.

Amanda Skrip

Cooking and Food Prep
Amanda Skrip, Chef

Coming Soon

Day Care Solutions
Sarah Cudnik, Owner, Kids Work

Erin Krex

Nanny and Household Employment
Erin Krex, First Class Care

Lara Field

Nutrition (Mom, Baby and Kids)
Lara Field, FEED

Pam and Pat

Night Nurses & Initial Baby Care
Pam and Pat, Sweet Dreams

Sleep, Discipline, Potty Training, Sibling Prep
Janeen Hayward, Swellbeing

Kelley Kitley

Post-Partum Depression, Relationships, Therapy
Kelley Kitley, LCSW