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Webinar: Talk on Track

Date And Time

Tue, March 10, 2020

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Talk on Track is designed to help parents, help their baby meet his or her language milestones! This course will educate parents on ways they can promote early language learning with their little one, so that they can communicate their wants and needs with ease. We created what we call the “I TALK” Technique, which is divided into 5 TIPS. Each letter in the “I TALK” acronym stands for a specific tip. We introduce and show real life video examples of each TIP in isolation. The  “I TALK’ technique includes evidence based strategies that help improve language learning and expressive communication skills.  Our mission is to educate ALL parents about language milestones and provide them with this preventative and proactive program containing tips and tools that can be used from infancy on!

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