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10th Gearapalooza Tour 2020

1. MARCH 1 Austin, Texas

2. MARCH 11 Brooklyn, New Yok

3. MARCH 25 Houston, Texas

4. APRIL 7 San Francisco, California

5. APRIL 16 Miami, Florida

6. MAY 19 Vancouver, British Columbia

7. MAY 21 Calgary, Alberta

8. JUNE 10 Los Angeles, California

9. JUNE 18 Toronto, Ontario

10. SEPTEMBER 15 Orange Country, California

11. SEPTEMBER 24 Detroit, Michigan

12. OCTOBER 6 Denver, Colorado

13. OCTOBER 22 Nashville, Tennesse

14. NOVEMBER 16 Minneapolis, Minnesota

15. NOVEMBER 18 Chicago, Illinois

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The Bump Club VIP program is fabulous. It's a great investment and you get the money you spend back almost instantaneously. Whether applying the VIP discount to BCB events, enjoying a prenatal massage with $20 off, getting money off of a family photography session or using one of the many gift cards that accompany the membership, it is so well worth it. And it's introduced me to fun places around the city that I wouldn't have tried before!

Ashley O. - Chicago, IL

File this in the "stuff they don't tell you before becoming a mom" folder... once you have a kid, it is really hard to carry on a continuous conversation without being interrupted by a toddler's latest idea, spilled milk or a poopsplosion! Thank God, and my sanity, for the BCB VIP only events! They give me the chance to kick back and relax with my girlfriends for an hour or two and have a complete, adult conversation, all while experiencing some of Chicago's finest hot spots!

Lara C. - Chicago, IL

I was taking a prenatal water aerobics class through Northwestern Memorial when I met my first friend who was pregnant. But even though we met there, I would like to say that Bumb Club contributed to the majority of the friends that I have made (as a mom/mom-to-be). My friend in my water aerobics class asked me if I was part of Bump Club and I told her I had never heard of it before. She raved and told me all of the wonderful things that she had done there. I immediately went online and signed up to be a VIP. Whether it be at an event or a playdate with other Bump Club VIPs, this organization has made my pregnancy and first year of motherhood easy, painless, and doable. I feel like we get together at our homes, Bump Club workouts, and other fun events that are offered because we all have things in common now.

Lindsey G. - Chicago, IL

I love the perks of being a BCB VIP! I find myself using my VIP membership card often and at a variety of retailers. I still get excited when I’m able to pull out my card and receive a great discount. There are so many awesome deals! The membership has paid off multiple times when doing activities with my family or even treating myself.

Meredith K. - Chicago, IL

I cannot say enough about the wonderful BCB VIP program! I signed up for this program the minute I found out I was pregnant and 2 years later, continue to attend use the discounts and different events. With every new transition that my son goes through, I know that I can count on BCB to offer a class or speaker to offer advice and suggestions. Thank you BCB for helping to connect moms and moms-to-be, for offering support and for providing exceptional programs!

Stephanie B. - Chicago, IL